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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by gonejah17, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Well I happen to come up on some supplies so Ima see what I can do about growing some weed. Im at the end of week 1, got some seedlings . . . .


    above is a digital photo of (left to right) /3 germinated seeds (in some fox farm ocean that my boy had bought thinking he was goin to grow but then he bounced out of town and left me with the ocean fox farm and also a bag of red fox farm, should I mix these????), I JUST put the saran wrap on not knowing i was supposed to do that . . . I had been watering them and everything but oh well - The seedlings I have now were watered since being planted as germinated seeds and they seem ok for the most part -/and then 2 seedlings P2 and P3. P2 is looking sturdy and fat and P3 was looking kinda half dead as it broke the surface but its first true leafs are looking ok. I also have P1 which is the oldest biggest one but it is not in the pic.

    and here is a blurry cell phone pic of left to right P2, P3, and P1. I am using GE40W FL lights, got em cheap from a friend, I have 8 of them in sets of 2. I have 2 sets of them connected so I have 4 as one light basically. really rigged. Ima newbie and not much of a construction expert but I can get shit done. I hope lol. Main thing is Im hella broke and smoke too much to keep buyin this shit. I think this time round im just gonna try to find a mother and save up and get some better lights/equipment and really go for some yield then. But I think itll be fun to do its only week one and I already love it. more pics . . .


    heres P1 by itself. I figured its bigger so Im trying to get it more light so I isolated it with 80 W for itself. is this good thinking????


    cell phone side pic of P1. ima step my camera game up here soon enuff. TIPS ON WATERING AT THIS STAGE???? oh yeah the temp ranges from 82 to 89 it seems hot but I have no real ventilation in the space im using. Ive been thinking about doing some kind of fan/duct thing but I dont have much money and I cant really make holes in the walls where Im at. any suggestions on ventilation???? I have 2 fans blowing over the seedlings constantly for now it seems to be cool. (i.e. not killing them lol)


    close up pic of P1 blurry I know


    heres a better digital pic of P1 shes (fingers crossed) the oldest and biggest. I cut the sides of the cup (and eventually cut all the sides off) to allow the air from the fan to really shake the seedling to toughen the root. right???? ANY SUGGESTIONS COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! I AM SOOOOO NEW TO THIS


    P2 shes kinda my favorite. stem seems thick and leaves seem nice and thick like some dankass indica or some shit, yeah?? OH YEAH I got the seeds from my boy who had a baggie with a bunch of random seeds in it, but they're from sensi seeds and the med store, they're not outtof a bag of schwag or anything, I also have 2 kush seeds and one sedhu seed germinating. I have no idea what the sedhu strain is, and Im not sure what strain of kush it is. the friend who left the fox farm also left these seeds and I just threw em in germination and saved some. I have some kush, some GDP, and some SEDHU (sp) seeds left in storage incase I fuck this up. k more pics


    P2 and P3. P3 came out of the ground with the coteyldon (sp) all yellow and shrivelled, I thought it would die in a day but it kept growing and the true leafs are green and look healthy. the stems of P2 and P3 are thicker than that of P1 and the stems of P1 and P2 are purple. and thats it for now I think. some more pics and Im out. please hit me with some tips. Ive read some shit but I can always use more advice. especially on watering at this stage and ventilation ideas for a dude with no money. holla at me.


    P3 well see how she turns out. thought she would die the first day. OH YEAH I ALREADY SEE SOME LITTLE BUGS HOPPIN AROUND!!!!!! shit is scary. Ima do what I can in the space that I have and with the $$ I got. please feel free to help. Like I said I think Im just going to try to find a strong female or a few of them out of the strains I have and maybe try to start some clones or something and get some HPS or MH and really try to do it right but this is my first attempt so Im really excited and just cant wait to see how it goes. Ill update soon. great to be a parent - gonejah out
  2. not sure if Im supposed reply to my own post (not that anyone else is lol) but I wanted to add something and Im not sure exactly what Im doing with this thread as it is my first time doing this in a forum.

    anyway long story short I figured out how to use the manual focus on my girls camera and so I got some better pics of the little ones . . . . . .


    above here is P1 P2 and P3 left to right. . . .


    P1 Glory shot . . . .


    P2 glory shot . . . .


    and the P3 glory shot. Notice the cotyedons (sp I keep forgetting to go check that word to see how to spell it) on P3 are yellow and burnt looking. It has been like this ever since it broke through the surface soil. Seems to be doing ok tho.

    Here below are two "specification pics" of my lights. Just typical FL lights I got off my friend. Let me know if these will work, yeah????



    No idea what this spec means but I saw it on the lights. Maybe inspection????

    and here is a pic of some dank ass AK I got from the store. gotta love cali man . . . .


    yummy. . . . hate to see this eighth go.

    Oh yeah, still no sign from the other 3 germinated sproutlings I put in the other 3 cups. THese cups are the only ones I used the "seal off the top of the cup with saran wrap after planting" technique. its retaining moisture but no sprouts????? any idea why this might be??? should I take off the saran wrap??? PLEASE REPLY TO THIS THREAD I WILL BE KEEPING STEADY UPDATES. THANKYOU AGAIN - gonejah out
  3. I never use saran wrap so you might try taking it off the ones that haven't sprouted, since you've had success the other way.

    If I read those specs right, your tubes are a couple years old. Thinking back to when I used Fluorescents (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth), I think they recommended you replace them every 6 months or so.

    Like I said, been awhile though, so don't take it as gospel. ;)

    Good luck with your grow. :smoke:
  4. thanks for the response. I was thinking the same thing about the saran wrap . . . I was trying to follow mordgrow's technique and do it like him (at least the sprouting part) but if the other ones sprouted without then whats the point right?????

    anyway thanks again for the post and the tips on the lights, I'll probably get some new ones, maybe CFL???? and then eventually HPS when I get the space and the fundage. . . . any tips on watering??? just dont want to overwater but its like 87 degrees in that bitch so i dont want them drying out.

    for now Ill leave one with saran wrap on (maybe) and take it off for two. thanks again for the info - one

    OH yeah im thinking i need a ph meter - pretty important right?? even with the fox farm?? the fox farm isnt already ideal?? yeah yeah yeah lets GROOOOOOWWWWW!!!!

    oh yeah one of the last bowls of the AK :(:(

  5. I think you can get more wattage with CFL's in a smaller space than regular long tubes, but I don't know what that would do to your heat issues. I'm just not knowledgeable enough on flo's anymore to give ya an informed answer, sorry.
    You're already on the upper edge with your heat, though. I've always been of the mind if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Personally, I'd just replace the tubes with new ones and then decide as they grow when more/different light would be needed.

    As for watering, I always just stick a finger into the soil (without fucking with the plants) and if it's dry up to the second knuckle, time to water. :confused_2:

    Seems that overwatering tends to be an issue with some folks just starting out. Cannabis likes their feet dry, it promotes root growth as they look for the moisture. Stronger root system equals more vegetation. More vegetation equals more buds.

    Knowing your ph is pretty important, unless your lucky to have good PH naturally with your water. Helps diagnose nutrient lock up and other problems that may arise. If money is an issue, you can just buy one of those PH test kits for aquariums and test your water's ph, or go with a better soil PH meter if money isn't an issue.
  6. yeah ima get a ph meter i think tomorrow. the water im using is bottled bought at the corner store. and ill check out getting some new bulbs this week. took the saran wrap off all 3 of the planted seeds so hopefully theyll all sprout overnight. gotta ask mordgrow bout that one grrrrrr lol. and hopefully P1-3 grow a foot lmao. halellujah holla back lmao.

    ps found a seed in a store bought bag of MK . . . looks a little premature mabye but u think i should fuck with it???? u know i will anyway just curious what yall thought.
  7. wont sprout. think i screwed up watering them. cuz on the gc germination guide it DOES say to use the saran wrap, but it also says to water the soil first and only once and thats not what i did. so . . . . oh well guess ill scrap those 3 and just go with P1-P3 this grow. Im planning on cloning once I find the sexes of these ones. AND I have more kush and sedhu seeds and 1 GDP seed - so i should be alright. I'll post more pics when something happens. anyone else at the same stage as me hit me up with a link to your journal lets grow together lol - peace
  8. And There Was Nothing . . . .

    No Seed Remnants, No Root Remnants, Almost Like I Never Planted The Seeds At All.

    Strange. Wait, Did I???? Lol
  9. lol were u high when u planted? thats actually pretty funny.
  10. thanks I thought the shit was pretty funny as well. but I did plant germinated seeds in those cups. unless for real the shit im smoking has got me ona level im not even aware of lmao . . . anyway more pics.


    P1 P2 and P3 left to right. they seem to be doing ok . . . a little yellow but i cant imagine its anything serious. I havent nuted or anything just Fox Farm ocean, purified water and light.


    and heres a new Glory Shot of P1. thinking of calling her Legs. i dunno she's tall and slender. mad sexy lol. any name suggestions???


    heres a new shot of P2. shes kinda droopin and not showing off as much leg as P1. but shes like fat and chunky and seems to be growing new growth faster than P1 who's slightly older. not sure what to call her yet but I like her style.


    and here's P3 still got the yellow cotelydons (sp) but eff that shes growing pretty damn steady despite the odds. Her name has to reflect her relentless struggle to overcome adversity!!!! lol but seriously she takes no shit.


    another pic of P3. Ive been watering them every two days and just trying to be patient. Let me know whats good ill post some more in a few days hopefully well see some growth!!!!

    And here's what im tokin on - some more of that bomb AK (had to do it) and som MK mixed in there that I actually found a seed off. get at me - GJ out

  11. Hey man, the seedlings that did germinate are now getting fert burned by the soil. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil? That has lots of organic nutrients in it. Contrary to popular belief, organic fertilizers can burn too.

    Don't over water. You know they need water when you stick your finger 2 inches deep in the soil and it feels dry.

    You seem to be having germination problems. Here is the easiest way to do it. Take a nice seed, place it in some paper towel, spray paper towel w/water containing a few drops of bleach, place paper towel in zip lock baggie not sealed, place baggie on your desk top computer for heat, check seed every 12 hours and spray with the water if towel has dried out. When a tiny tap root forms, place it 1/4 inch deep in pre-moistened soil, cover the lid of the pot with saran wrap to keep the soil moist. You do NOT want to water the soil once the seed is in the dirt because the water can dislodge it. Remove saran wrap the instant you see the seedling poking through soil and put fan and lights on the plant. Water only after soil is dry 2 inhes down. Very simple.
  12. yeah I thought it was pretty easy too the first 3 seeds greminated were fine (P1-3) then i tried the saran wrap and those fuckers straight skirted on me!! They werent havin it. thanks for the tip about the desktop and the bleach, ill try that next time. I really think I over watered them.

    Also, just to make it clear, ur saying not to put it under light untill it pokes thru right?? so while its in saran wrap its still in the dark right??? thanks again for ur tips man appreciate all the advice i can get.

    Didnt know I could give them nute burn from the fox farm alone, ive been cutting back on my watering over the last couple days. Its just that it ranges form 83 to 89 degrees in there so i thought they might dry out. now im watering them ever 2 days. its hard to stick one of my big clumsy fingers in a dixie cup without disturbing the plant, so ive been trying not to do that.

    Oh and I got some new flouros. and found a nice package deal for a 400 W ballast, reflector and some bulbs for under $150.00 at the local hydro store. think i might get down.

    the flouros I got are Ecolux "GE sunshine F40" they use 40 watts and put out 2250 lumens. the color temp is 5000k. I put up a pair of them so my 4 bulb fixture has 2 of those and 2 of the old school flouros. if i get some response that the sunshine ones are ok ima get some more. just didnt want to go out and buy a bunch of the wrong bulb. I know flouros basically suck but thats what ima use this time around till i get that 400W HPs/MH setup. So lets just try to get it the best we can.

    was gonna post a pic of the new flouros but this EFFIN camera is buggin. ill post later today and some underage bud porn for u sickos as well. :):)

    thanks again for the tipssssssssssssssss!!!!!!
  13. shit got hot today - up to 92 degrees!!!!!!!

    im only using flouros why is it so hot?!?!?!?!?!

    if these plants shrivel up and die im going to go jump off the roof.

    still gonna try to post some pics but im pissed about the heat and my girls camera is dead again (fuckin fugifilm)

  14. Correct, if it has NOT poked through the soil it does not need to breath [saran wrap] or to have sun [CFL's].

    Your temps are too hot. 83 degrees is starting to be too hot. Indica sativas get heat stress in them at 84 to 86 degrees. Get more fans, exhaust and or A/C because with CFL's it is too hot already; the 400 HPS would be in the 90's-100.
  15. for the tip I think Im gonna move them out of the closet tonight and let them cool down. not sure how gonna do it right now.
  16. im worried about this. I turned the AC on tonight and the temp has already dropped to 87 but DAMN!! i live in an apt and the AC unit isnt in the same roomas the grow so it doesnt get directly to it. Im gonna watch the temp all night and see what it does. I would love any tips on getting a little stealth setup going. I just need to make it cold Id love to put it by the AC or something . . . . i dont know i dont want these little ones to die!!!
  17. Add more fans.
    Maybe put one above your lights to act like a heat sink.
    Have one pushing fresh air in to grow space and one pulling air out.

    I find fans at Goodwill stores and thrift stores, starting at 1.99.
    Wallmart has some cheap new fans, as well as a $49.99 portable fan/a/c cooling unit.
  18. thank you for the help. do u know if that portable ac thing needs to be in a window?? or can i stick it say up on a stool or something??? thank you again for the advice. I have one fan at the entry blowing air in and one fan oscilating right in front of the plants to blow air on them. I have 3 computer fans and an extra pc im thinking of rigging something up with that. Do u know if theres any other way to power pc fans besides a pc??? I dont know i just need them to make it till tomorrow - then ill go and get that portable ac thing maybe. thanks again yo I appreciate it hope they make it so i can share the grow with you all!!!!!
  19. It looks to be self contained, like you could just put it a "closet."
    I saw it in the "fan" isle at wallmart.

    The only thing I am concerned about with this unit is "how much will it raise humidity" The only directions I noticed from the packaging was to: recharge.
    It did NOT appear that it was a "swamp cooler" which you would have add ice, and thus higher humidity.

    It appeared to be about the size of a small computer case.
  20. got the temp down to 78.3 over night. hopefully it doesnt raise back up around 90 today. ima check out the a/c cooler thing today. lets hope and pray these babies make it. i know ive been promising pics and will deliver today.

    ps dont u hate mj mislabeling??? went to the store and got something thats supposed to be OG kush and the shit smokes and tastes like glorified schwag. ignorant fuckers. pics soon.

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