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  1. First time. Started under CFLs, once they got too big moved to larger pots and put outside. Have moved back inside since the weather hasn't been great but they're not doing any better. Really not sure what I should be doing now - have been trying to grow these for more than 4 months now! Hoping I could keep these going outside but they don't seem to be happy - can I fix this?

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  2. LOL i have no idea how you got that thing to grow like that, but ya its pretty fixable...

    For starters, fill that fucken thng with soil.

    But, before you do, cut all of those little growth nodes/leaves that are below the rim of the pot, and then bury as much of the stem as you can... do this with some good orgainic soil and water it.

    then get 4 6500k cfls on that thing like as close as you can get them

    then pray... and if youre lucky the stem will grow some roots under the new soil and you can salvage it.

    For the record, plants grow in dirt not porcelain. WTF good is a 4 gallon pot with one gallon of soil in it???
  3. I have to agree with the above poster. Fill the pot with soil. Why did u use so little soil? The things people do to there poor plants
  4. Im more curious about how he got it that tall with absolutely no branching and all those little growth nodes... Just MEGA trimmed?
  5. Not enough light or soil will make your plants do that. I have 3 that are in a 3x3 inch pot (together) that are a foot and a half tall, no branching at all they just have leaves near the top and branching there.

    More dirt, more lights and regulated light cycle would probably fix your issue.
  6. Thanks all I have done as advised and we'll see how it turns out. Sorry for my ignorance but I haven't really had any assistance and I'm doing this from scratch.
  7. A lot of information and friendly people who are here for you now :)

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