Absolute MUST things to know before you grow...

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  1. Hello all! This thread is to help all of you understand the risks, time, energy, costs, etc about growing.. Things that all people need to ask themselves.

    Here are some sample questions to ask yourself before you start...

    What are my local laws? Can I even grow cannabis? How much privacy do I have?
    Do I have the time and patience to wait months for a harvest? then a continual month or 2 of drying and curing(sometimes more)?
    Do I have the money for it? Can I afford to build or order a room from scratch? Do I have any spare closet space? Attic? Basement? and Do I have proper ventilation for those areas?
    Can i get the smell out? Is anyone going to care if I grow?

    People often rush into questions like:

    How long does it take from veg to flower?
    "I plan on growing at my parents" how can I hide my grow?
    what is a CFL? What is an HPS? how much light do i need?

    How much yield per plant usually?

    People make the mistakes of rushing into it blindly. Expecting the forum goers to answer simple questions that can be done with a little research. I understand needing a quick answer. but sometimes it can be overwhelming.

    First lets talk about the RISKS...

    Growing cannabis is a risky op.. no matter what. You always have to be on your toes(unless u are 215 savvy). Not only cops, but anyone that u dont want to see ur plants. parents, cops, rental management, landlord, etc.. Security is always an issue. Make sure you can keep it safe and discreet.. even if u don't have to.. it's always good to be able to conceal.

    The amount of TIME.. That goes into creating nice herb, is substantial... especially for indoor growers. There is the building, the buying, the shipping, the waiting, the waiting, the waiting. The checking all the time. Watering, feeding, checking for bugs. Over all just making sure your plant is healthy.

    The amount of energy and mental thought put into your grow...EX. research .. is going to benefit you as much as u put in.. so if you are all cards in. PLAY THEM ALL. Read, ask, learn...

    The cost of caring for cannabis depends on the quality of grower.. If you are serious about it. you can end up buying all the right equipment. which can be pricey buy worth it. You can spend anywhere from 40$- hundreds.. just know your budget. know all of your materials before you get them. draw it out. scale it out. make sure you have the right amount of space. endless preperation! write stuff down!

  2. +rep/bump for the informative post.. this could be a very useful reminder to ALL growers out there, some of whom that have might have gotten a little too "comfortable" and have let their guard down on these risks. :rolleyes:

  3. YES!!!

    Too many people just get into growing to see what it's like and to see if they can be profitable at it, but then they forget that it's not legal, unless they're able to become a medical grower - and even that is limited.

    I think folks need to worry about their long term growing career, as opposed to just what sorts of lights they should use.

    While cannabis is likely to be legalized soon, that doesn't mean it's going to be legalized - or that the federal government isn't going to step in and make life hard for growers anyway.

    I really appreciate this post and think this is something that should be taped on the outside of every growing book or bottle of nutes. You can't just grow and expect that everything will be great. YOu can get into a lot of trouble and it can ruin your life if you're not ready to be careful. Very careful in some places.
  4. It really is... People think that the only potential risk is police when they first consider growing.. I SAY MOST...

    There are so many variables to consider before you even start to build... I am a first time grower, and the reason for me typing this thread is because I did the research. I considered the risks. I knew and thought long and hard about what I was getting into.

    This post is just a friendly reminder to consider all the angles, it will benefit you long term as a grower. and free up some worry for the actual grow.


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