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Absolute highest yielding strain

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by KalL, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys. I'm gonna do an outdoor grow, and want to know what is the absolute best non mythical highest yielding strain.
    Strains that have crossed my mind thus far include: Purple White Widow, THC Bomb, Holland's Hope, and Afghan.
    What do you guys think? I was also considering Moby Dick, Great White Shark, Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, Arjan's Haze #1, and Himalayan Gold.
    Any insight would do wonders! Or any other strains you think will yield more would be great. Plant size doesn't matter, Purely yield. I am looking for monsters :D My goal would be 5 pounds per plant haha :smoke:
    Any tips/help, or suggestions how to achieve that goal?
    Best fertilizers? Can you use pure perlite? Or what is the optimum kind of fertilizer?
    Thanks, Kal.
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  2. Or, if you guys think its substantially better for yield and what not, I could grow them aeroponically.
    Maybe use 18 gallon containers, hell, i'd even get 32 gallon trash bins if its true about what I read! That this guy Tom Hill gets 10 pounds of bud per plant!!!
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  3. Hhmm, I'm no expert but your expectations seem really high to me. You're talking about like marijuana trees or some crazy shit. lol
  4. You can't get big yields without big plants man haha. Shooting for big yields vs a big number of plants a good idea but doesn't depend on strains overall. Choosing strains is good though. Look at purple maroc (female seeds) for end sept finish, avg. high, also PAradise seeds (sensi star) for beg oct finish and very strong high. I grew them both, they are very good imo. Forget Hollands Hope lol. Look also into dna genetics, reserva privada, serious seeds...

    I know a few things on growing pot illegally and I can tell you that 5 pounds is wishful thinking especially if if you are a beginner. For big plants you need a sunny spot (8-10 hours of sun) and something like 40 gallons of soil. 5 pounds would be with a full day sunny spot (14 hours) and something like 100 gallons of soil. You don't haul that much when the outcome is unsure.

    You need to read more on soil mixes and timing your grow right. The number 1 factor is a sunny spot and an airy soil mix. Look at the links uner my signature or other threads (beginner's section). Also forget 5 pounds per buddy, it's not gonna happen!
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  5. shit... I wish I could get 5 Lbs per plant in my legal backyard grow that is maintained every day .
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  6. You too the best I can do is two a plant with alot of work. Thats also keeping the plant under a 7ft privacy fence. keepem green
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  7. Check out big bud and the doctor.
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  8. Aim high :hello:

    I wasn't saying the plant needed to be small??? I said plant size was no issue.. It could be however large. I'm gonna stick with my 5 pound goal. So what if I miss it. I'd rather be a dreamer than a loser lol.
    Any ideas or knowledge about the outdoor aeroponics vs soil?
  9. Maybe with a 2-3 month head start indoors under lights.
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  10. [quote name='"Anonymous303"']Maybe with a 2-3 month head start indoors under lights.[/quote]

    Yea man I have seen them in high times in humblot. They had 10 1k mh lights hanging outside. Let's figure our If u can do this. How big are your hole.
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  11. If your plants are not around 3-4 tall now then it's not happening.
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  12. Also forget aeroponics outdoors or any other hydro system, the maintenance (ph, ec/ppm, keeping the water cool in the heat of summer) would be a full time job and way more expensive. Corto said it you need to look into soil mixes and much more.
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    A good realistic perfect grow that has exp behind it might yield a total 3-4 lbs Corto gave you some of the best advice on here so far. Pipe dream at best even those who have grown all there lives see only a few 5 lb plants. I have only seen one 5.6 lbs plant one that is. and I have almost 30 years of farming. If you have a an hog pen thats vacant now with full sun all day long and is secure and safe that would be an idea place. Hog scat is your number one food source on the market and if its aged some its even better. And if I was forced to pick a strain that would be the one to produce this it would be without a dout black widow !! Maybe madness if you have a ton of exp.
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  14. nothing wrong with trying to set the bar high, just you may be setting it too "very improbable". your choice for sure ..and don't let any of us stop you from trying to achieve that 5Lb goal.

    funny part is ..buy the time you get done trimming a 1/4 Lb plant, you will happy you do not have a 5 Lb one.
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  15. Thanks haha. Yea Id rather aspire to jump 10 airplanes on a motorcycle, than a crack in the sidewalk on a bike!:D
    I mean, I would be happy with just 1 pound. But why not shoot for more?!
    I am under the impression super soil is the best way to go about this (when using soil). Any of you guys have a cheap but really effective recipe or guide.
    I am growing in a friends back yard (hes completely fine with it and doesn't care how many plants I do) Its some what in the middle of no where with tons of shrubs and trees to disguise it. Could do an awesome gorilla style grow with literally like 100 plants if I wanted too haha :cool:.
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  16. Ah ok I misunderstood the "plant size doesn't matter" haha, I thought you meant the opposite. If you're legal, look into Tom Hill's grows. He uses huge pots. If you got all day sun and huge soil volumes, it's possible to get more than 2 pounds that's for sure!
    As for strains, any "full sized plant" (not auto, or early flowering) will do the job.
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  17. i think im pretty sure u have to have a 10 gal bucket, u gota top it a couple times let that shit veg till its time for a saw to cut it down. with a mold resistence plant and a high yielder you'll need it because with my chunky monkey plant i could have yeilded an easy pound in a half but mold killed like 3/4 of my plant because of how many leaves were in the center with no air flow. cant wait for this summer, i have a super silver haze thats apparently grows to 8 to 9 ft tall and yields a shit ton.
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  18. dTheking, 10 gallons? Did you mean 100 gallons?
    I think Tom Hill uses 400 gallon pots lol. An indoor start is also important to get huge plants so they can grow while it's Winter.
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  19. I think Im still posting in the outside grow section. I would use a 5 gallon bucket and then when its time to grow more bust the bucket in a few spots and dump hog shit in the ground surrounding it and drop that bucket in the ground. Also try and cut the bottom out of the bucket. With a few onces of chicken shit. There are many strains that can be used to yield a nice harvest. Black widow would be my personal favorite. For quality and production. you need a good 7-10 hours of great sunlite.
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  20. Do you need a pot? Or is it better to dig a hole, fill with soil, and let grow?
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