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Absolute best thing to do when baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PuffDaddy420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Personally i think this is the list
    1. Chill in a hottub/swimming pool.
    2. Jump on a trampoline.
    3. Swing on the swings.
    4. Getting lucky in the bedroom lol.
    5. Munching down hardcore.
    6. Smoke some more ganja.
    7. Listen to music.
    8. Xbox/ps3.
    9. Stoner movies , always classic and hilarious.
    10. Go on some crazy as adventure with your boys in the woods.

    Only a few out of probally thousands

    Post what your favorite activitys to do when baked outta your skull.
  2. You'd rather swing on the swings then fuck a girl? WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!
  3. Eat till i explode
  4. In a hot tub, having sex with the love of your life, while you listen to Bob Marley music.
    3 best things combined.
  5. [quote name='"AngryYodaIs"']You'd rather swing on the swings then fuck a girl? WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?![/quote]

    They're not in order lol.
  6. This thread has been posted wayyyyyyyy to many times

  7. anime. trust me its actually pretty entertaining when your stoned. i love their crazy facial expressions and all the wierd shit in general that they do in animes lol

    if your sober it might be boring, but next time ur real high give it a try haha
  8. thats actually so true, i hated anime when i was sober, i just thought i was some dumb show that 12 year olds watch but when i got high as fuck then wasted, it was pretty fun to watch

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