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Absolute Best Fine Grinders for Vaping?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Blahman, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Hello All,
    What are the absolute best fine grinders for vaping? I've got a $25 aluminum Chromium Crusher that I bought on Amazon a while back, but it's really useless at producing any find grinds. I recently got a Volcano Digit, and the plastic grinder that came with it produces twice as fine of grinds as my Chromium, hence my realization that I want something better.

    Here are my criteria:

    1) Must be able to grind practically to powder. I'm a firm believer that the more surface area available the better. (Normally grind about 0.2-0.3g at a time)
    2) Should be easy to load and empty with minimal amount of build up or mess with regular use.
    3) Should be somewhat ergonomic to grind (I'm not a big fan of the regular twist type where there isn't much to hold on to, but can live with it if that's what the best is.)
    4) Kief collection is not a priority..
    5) Money is basically no object, but I'd rather spend $60 on 95 percent awesome than $160 on 99 percent awesome. (Yes, I know that is ironic since I just bought a Volcano, but I have my reasons for that.)


    Many of you have recommended 2 piece units, like the plastic freebie that came with my volcano. It's obvious to me now that these will always create finer grinds since the herb is continuously grinded, rather than dropping into a container below at a predetermined size. So thanks, I'll look into the Space Case 2 piece medium as recommended by a few. It looks like a good metal replacement to the plastic freebie I'm using now.

    Now that being said, let me add one other criteria to the above just to make things more interesting:

    3a) More than somewhat ergonomic, how about any non-standard grinders that might be easier to use? (ie, devices that are not the standard twist/rotate circular blocks of metal) Perhaps something with handles, cranks, or electric motors that give some mechanical advantage? If not that, maybe something that stores ungrinded herb in a nice sealed fashion, but then can dispense grinds when cranked on, like a peppermill? (Someone mentioned an electric coffee grinder - is there any more experience about that from anyone else?)
  2. Being that kief collection is not a priority but a fine grind is, I suggest to either get a 2 piece Space Case, or a 2 piece Santa Cruz Shredder, or, if you're going to be grinding very small amounts, check out the Nano by Magic Flight.

    On another note though, being that you like the grind that the Storz & Bickle grinder is giving you, why not just stick with that?
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  4. Over the last 5 years or so, I've gone on quite a quest for the perfect grinder.

    Through acrylics, the chromium crusher, the mendo mulcher...and through three different Space Cases.

    Of all those, I still own the three Space Cases.

    Out of those, I've only found one design to give me a consistently fine grind, and that's the two-piece Space Case medium titanium grinder.

    Seems even when you hold four-piece grinders on their side or top, it doesn't quite grind as well as a two-piece. Plus, I don't want to turn it upside down too much, as that upsets the keif storage that you're saving up for 4/20. :smoking:

    And when you pack a two-piece with a gram or so(slightly overpacking it), you get the best results, as it gets really tight in that space and really grinds it down to a fine grind. I overpack mine a couple of times just to pull the fine grind out from the sides.

    There ya go, my two nugs worth. Hope that helps.
  5. Hamilton Beach coffee grinder $15-$20 at Walmart I use it to grind for vaping and a small art brush to sweep it out
  6. 1.5" 4pc Sharpstone grinder, cheap and the holes are pretty small so it grinds it up a pretty good consistency for vaping

    I was using a 2.2" 4 pc Sharpstone before and it wasn't close to fine enough, had to turn it upside down
  7. I have a 4 piece piranha grinder it's awesome but since u don't care about the kief get a 2 piece grinder and grind it for a lil
  8. I vouch for a space case. I have two (one isn't technically mine, it's my girlfriend's, but I have custody of it :D), and they both are great grinders. I personally like the medium better than the small because it has a magnet. :hello:

  9. My small 2pc ti SC has a magnet.

  10. Mine doesn't, but then again I left the purchase up to my girlfriend so shit happens :p
  11. Thanks everyone for the response. I updated my original post, see above for some answers and clarifications.

    PS: To answer one question, I can turn my chromium upside down, but it still doesn't do a very good job compared to the 2 piece Volcano one I'm using now.

  12. Please for the love of god don't get a crank grinder, those go to shit real quick. The best thing is a heavy 2 piece grinder or a coffee grinder (I don't have experience, although I absolutely know if you get a coffee grinder, you can use a MFLB more efficiently with one :D).
  13. i use a coffee grinder for cooking with herb and it definitely gives a real fine grind. I also have a chromium crusher and thats pretty good thats my dd. My old roommate had a two piece ti space case and i never really liked it.
  14. I really love my coffee grinder and clean up really is easy for $15 you really can't go wrong
  15. I found that powdery grinds give u less out of the volcano, I found fluffy ones give U alot more, that being said the Santa Cruz grinder I have now I love it to death but it grinds it a tiny bit too fine for me, so youl prob love it lol get a Santa Cruz shredder, doesn't matter if it 2 piece or 4 piece it grinds the same lol only grinder I ever seen with square teeth
  16. OP here: Well, I just received the titanium Space Age two piece, and I'm afraid it's not what I had hoped for. It does grind finer than my 4 piece Chromium Chrusher, and you can sit there and grind as long as you want, but it still doesn't do nearly as good of job as the free plastic one that came with my Volcano.

    It's clear to me these modern metal grinders are all really not designed to put out a super fine grind. (Maybe they aren't primarily designed for vape use?) The teeth are just too far apart.

    I also have to reiterate that the smooth cylinder form factor is really non-ideal, and not at all ergonomic. There is basically nothing to grab onto; I can think of about 5 different shapes and/or handles that would make it easier to use just off the top of my head. (In fact, the plastic freebie one has a knurled lip which is at least something to hang onto.)

    I think I might look into an electric coffee grinder. In the mean time, I'll use the plastic freebie until it dulls or breaks, even though herb has a tendency to stick to it. It's pretty sad though that one company can do better with plastic what takes all the other companies out can do with metal.

    In any event, thanks for the advice everyone!
  17. my coffee grinder was 15 and i use it for all sorts of shit; booms, weed, oatmeal, etc. note that when you grind in a coffee grinder you gotta make sure to get all the keif out of the bottom. They grind really fine but for my daily i just use a chromium crusher
  18. I would recommend an electric, coffee type grinder. Buy one dedicated to herb for your volcano, don't also use it for coffee, the oils will seep in and corrupt the flavor.
  19. U get ALOT of hash from the volcano plastic orange one they give u
  20. Most grinders can grind ur herb as fine & powdery as u'd like, just flip it upside down & grind away till ur happy.

    If u want a grinder that dispenses herbs, check out the green shark grinder

    If u want fluffy: get the Santa Cruz shredder,

    If u want a huge grinder, get the mama p's

    These r the 3 coolest grinders on the market.

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