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absolute beginners trial & error experience

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by sparklebong, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I've never grown before but always wanted to. This is my very first time growing. There are so many mixed reviews about every detail of growing weed. Sharing my experience, I'm not going for the most expensive equipment & I've had mixed reviews about that as well. I guess well see what happens!
    my setup:
    Metal shelving rack
    Mylar blanket "walls"
    24w LED
    13w Flourescent
    (Thinking of saving up for more LEDs when the plants get bigger)
    was using miracle gro moisture control but it caused my seedling to fall over
    (You were right whoever commented on my posts before! I guess It's works for some people but it didn't work for me)
    Will get seedling soil then upgrade to mg when the plants are ready
    Some "bag seeds" and 1 femenized seed otw.
    Fan inside my tent.
    Island the temp I'll need a thermometer I think

    Some things I'm still trying to figure out
    *Watts I should be using for 1 plant
    *Anything else I don't know I don't know
  2. Get more floros. Wait till you have more experience before blowing money on leds. Its really easy to over water seedlings. You can grow one or two plants decently with 150 actual watts of floros. Make sure you have airflow and the lights aren't touching leaves. Use 6500k for veg and when you switch to flower use 2700k. In veg you want high nitrogen, flower high phosphorus. If this is your first grow start cheap. Get better soil, but you can use mg tomato in veg and mg bloom booster in flower.
  3. Oh yeah you want to keep temps in the 70s for sure. I've managed in the 80s with hydro, but I wouldn't do the whole grow in those temps. I keep lights 24/7 on seedlings until they are a lil stronger then switch lights on 18 off 6. When you go to flower set timer to 12 off 12 on. The most important thing though... read read read. Everything you can. Knowledge comes a long way. And lots here have made mistakes and successes you can learn from.
  4. Thank you! I'll get more fluorescent bulbs, I was concerned since they put off more heat and I'm covering the set up with a thermal blanket will it get to hot? Good to know about the nitrogen and phosphorus. Hope I can salvage this seedling if not at least my next ones will have better care.
    Bf tells me I can grow 2 plants if I want. Will it be alot more expensive with 2? Is it worth it or would 1 be best to start out with since I'm a beginner?
  5. I'd say do two. The worst feeling in the world is to take care of a plant for a while, then find out its really a male. And floros aren't that hot. Make sure you have a way to get hot air out and cooler air in.
  6. Buying a femanized seed, does that guarantee It's female? I've been worrying about that which is why I decided to buy one first sure (hopefully!) female.
  7. Oh and DO NOT harvest early. Do your research and if you think your buds are ready, wait another week. My first ever grow I harvested 2 ounces of worthless buds. You want to see amber trichomes in the buds, and an obvious swelling.
  8. Femd seeds are usually female if you get from a reputable breeder. But remember a plant can always hermie from stress. I've gotten great bud from a northern lights hermie though. Growing femmed diesel and pineapple chunk now. Hope they are female.
  9. Talked with experienced plant growers though they didn't grow weed. We talked about roses since I'm growing a mini rose bush. They said if you trim off branches 2-3 branches will grow in that space. More growing sites=more roses. Do you think this could apply to weed?
    Also they mentioned cutting off a few roses so that the other ones grow better. Can you do this with weed buds? Will it make the ones you don't cut off more potent?
  10. No that's what we call topping. Do it in veg. I wouldn't do it after you're already flowering. Could cause it to stress.
  11. Cut and sewed my own tent. It still let's out light when my lights are off, I'll need to design a light proofing method before I flower it, but till then this works. Got a 18w fluorescent to go along with my other lights. Thermometer reads 80. Got some seedling soil watered today and planted two seeds. Whoever gets strongest I'll keep. Fem seed still otw. Can't wait for some sprouts! I think I've got most everything I need right now.
    Or do I?? :)
  12. The seeds have grown roots!!! Can't wait to see them pop up out if the soil. :) It's been easy to keep the temp at 80 which I'm pretty happy about. I'm still unsure how to light proof my set up. Could I just have the weed in another location? Like keep it in the light box 12 hours then move it to a light proof closet? Has anyone ever tried that??
  13. Its going to be work if you do it. You don't have to worry so much about light leaks until flowering. I'd keep it in a closet the whole time IMO. Maybe make a grow box out of cardboard and attach the Mylar to the inside
  14. There's a few things I like about the current location It's by a window and a heater so if I need to adjust temperatures It's really easy. Maybe I'll stick the thermometer in the closet to see where it normally sits. And I don't have outlets in my closet. I'll definitely consider getting an extension cord before It's in flowering though. Someone said cardboard is flammable which for some reason never crossed my mind then it freaked me out. Lol I want to stick to non flammable as much as possible.
  15. It's sprouted! Why does it lean like that?

  16. Femanized seed C99 Hybrid came in today! I put it in a paper towel to germinate and when I see the roots I'll plant it with the others. :)
  17. 2 weeks since I first put it in it's paper towel to germinate. :,) It's so pretty. I'm just concerned about the stem being so scrawny. I've been trying to figure out how to get it thicker, but the only information I've been finding is to harden it off. Such as decrease the temperature to 55F for a few weeks. They say it'll make it focus more on growing out than up. I'm not sure if this will work though, and I don't want to stress out the plant. What would you suggest? I still have a S.A.D. light I haven't put on it. I plan to start using the S.A.D. light as well.

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  18. Its leaning towards the light!:D Sub'd
  19. This is great i too am growing for the 1st time, i have 2 plants on the go, non have sprouted yet but any day now.
    Cool to see other peoples set up/progress.


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