Absolute Beginners Compendium of Helpful Links.

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    Hello everyone!
    I gathered all of these links in hopes of helping New and Old growers with a complete collection of Links to various information found on this site.

    If I forgot anything or if you feel you have a link that should be added please let me know and I can edit them in.

    Do's and Dont's and Basic Vocabulary/Terms

    Sidious's Some Do's and Some Dont's

    Stylez1877's Vocabulary of Growing Terms + Slang

    General Beginner Knowledge

    Sexing Picture

    Stylez1877's Germination 420 - Forget germination 101 ;)

    BUDSLiNGER's Sexing Guide

    Joe_Fresh's PH Guide

    Vitamin 420's Essential Plant Nutrients

    Mel's Organics for Beginners - not a sticky

    For you Fox Farm users:


    Growing Guides

    Grandpa_420's Grow Guide

    Jcj77d's Beginners Guide To Get You Started in Growing Cannabis

    Budzilla420's CFL Grow Guide For The Complete Beginner - not a sticky


    Corto Malteze's Out Door Grow Guide

    Gr0wer's Indepth How to Grow Outdoors Guide

    Dankohzee's Out Door Finishing Times / Photoperiod / Latidute Guide

    Harvesting Guides

    What to Look for when your about to CHOP

    Jcj77d's How to Cure a Crop of Marijuana Guide

    Nugglord_420's After the Harvest - A guide to Drying and Curing

    Rumpleforeskin's Simple Harvest and Cure (Step By Step)

    Advance Growing Methods

    LBH's LST Pic Diagram

    DierWolf's Fimming and Topping Made Easy guide

    DierWolf's LST (Low Stress Training) Guide

    Greenmonster714's The Scrog (Sea/Screen of Green) Guide

    Jcj77d's Advanced Cloning Techniques - Hard to Root or Valuable Plants

    Leapfrog's Using Molasses as a Nutrient Guide - not a sticky

    Useful Organic Growing Threads





    Sick Plants and Bugs

    Stylez1877's Nutrients/Bugs/Various Problems Guide

    Freakbro's Pest Tutorial

    XchaoticmetalX's Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here.


    Jcj77d's How Light is Measured & Lighting Spectrum and Photosynthesis

    Jcj77d's Getting the Most from your Lights

    Jcj77d's Lighting Guide

    Kamel's CFL Guide

    Ventilation and Odor control

    Bohbo's DIY - Carbon filter Compendium

    Bohbo's Ventilation FAQ

    Do it Your Self Guides

    BUDSLiNGER's Recirculating Bubble Buckets

    BUDSLiNGER's Bubble Cloner

    Rumpleforeskin's Bubble Bucket Step by Step Guide

    Rumpleforeskin's Let's Build a Clone Machine Step by Step

    Supplies and Seed Banks

    Hippie John's Cheap Grow Supplies list

    SmknVTEC's Current and Legit Seed Banks

    Your Local Laws

    NORML's Legal Issue Section - Select your State on the left hand side to learn more about your Local Laws and Penalties.

    MISC Link and other helpful Pages

    Energy Cost Calculator - Find out your cost Kilowatt per hour charge and input it into the correct field to see an estimate of your total grows cost.

    Thank you all for your continued help with this and Please Remember....
    If you come across anything be it a picture or a link just reply in this thread or send me a PM with the link.


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  2. Great post. Should be stickied, as it contains loads of sources of information in one area.
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    i see a lot of people asking about cloning techniques, or a "how to" guide but i haven't been able to find one. nice post nonetheless. + rep.
  4. Etchi,

    Thanks for the comprehensive index of valuable links. It surely took a lot of your time and would be quite helpful to new growers that are beginning to learn to navigate through Grasscity.

    I too would think it may qualify as a sticky, but it is not in the forums that I moderate. Regardless, another thanks for this contribution.

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    Thanks guys I'm just trying to help others the best way that I can. Plus even though I've been here since Jan, I still have had issues trying to remember where 1 guide or walk through was and end up spending a while looking for it then forget what exactly I was looking for after getting sidetracked with "new threads".

    If this can help just a few people then rock on, regardless if it gets stickied or not, Its always going to be subbed for myself to go back to and have an easier way of finding links :D
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  6. Added a few more links and another Section. Sick Plants and Bugs.
  7. Yeah, I know all about that getting sidetracked stuff... happens to me nearly every time I medicate! :smoking:
  8. this is good work bro....nice!
    i vote sticky;)
  9. Great job man! Very helpful.
  10. Thank you everyone!
    Also if you know of any thread, doesnt even have to be a "sticky" that you feel should be added just link it here and I'll add it to the Top.

    Who said only stickies get to have fun! :D
  11. Great stuff etchi. wish this was around when i was doing my research. i had to read through hundreds of pages of crap before finding some of the gems you have listed here.
  12. Very nice Etchi, very nice indeed +rep
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    they closed down LBH's 4 way LST thread when he got banned (i dunno why, it was a really good guide)

    just letting you know that you got a dead link up there:wave:

    but great guide none-the-less! +rep
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    i vote sticky....
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    LBH's thread had so much usefull info, the technique he used was perfect. good thing i have most of it in ms word.

    alright back to etchi's kick ass list of links.
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    Peaches come, from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory down..... town.
  17. oh shit, my bad. i just saw it was deleted and he was banned and put 2 and 2 together
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    if peaches came from downtown where did my weed come from? oh wait...i know...my closet.
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    I would of thought the same.
    I just went to check on the reason the mod would have gave for deleting it and saw he had deleted it himself.

    No worries guys, He was a good member and his knowledge will be lost and sadly missed in the community.

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