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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stikman, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. can i use 2 14watt cfls 120watt equivalent just for the veg stage?
    also might try using lst method
  2. your going to want more actual wattage in there but you can start with that yea.
  3. that would be sufficient for about the first 2 weeks, but your going to want a bare minimum of 50 watts a plant, 100 is more optimal.
  4. so 1 100 watt cfl would do good for veg and flower stage?
  5. no go multiple smaller wattage bulbs to get more coverage around the plant. Get 4 or more 42 watters
  6. There's confusion here about wattage.

    First off, completely ignore the "equivalent" watts, means nothing when it comes to growing. Only go by actual watts.

    For CFLs, you want a bare minimum of 100 actual watts per plant. Less is OK when they are sprouts, but they soon will get big enough to need to be counted individually for their own lighting needs.

    With CFLs don't use bulbs lower than about 23 actual watts, any lower and the intensity is so low that it's hard to deliver any good light to much of the plant.
  7. ok thanks you cleared som stuff up so i have 2 lamps so iguess ill get 2/100 watt cfls

    will 2/100watt cfls be good for veg/flower stage?
  8. 6500k for veg and 2700k for flowering
  9. alrite 1/2700k 100watt cfl for flowering and 1/6500k 100watt cfl for veg stage

    or do you have to get a different watt cfl for a different K (2700/6500)? thats wher im lost at...
  10. dont just go with one big watt cfl go with multiple smaller watters6500k for vegging and multiple smaller watters 2700k for flowering
  11. o i get u, but i mean if i need just 1 bulb each cause im gonna b using the Lst method not growing vertically get me?
  12. youll still get better coverage if you go with 3 or more bulbs instead
  13. Again, are you talking about actual watts? I get the feeling you are talking about 100 "equivalent" watt bulbs that in fact are in the 23-27 actual watt range. If so, you will need bare minimum of 4 of those per plant.
  14. o i got it :hello: ok thanks
  15. yeam thats wat i meant 100 actual cfl lights not equivalent

    i get you now tho thanks :smoke:

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