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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnnyBuz, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. well as the title of this forum says, i am an 'Absolute Beginner' in the art of growing.

    Actually, I havn't even been smoking all that long, maybe just 9 months or so now. (weekly or so; first smoked when i was like 18)

    anyway, i recently discovered my neighbor is a smoker as well and we are both intrested in growing.

    he is a little more experienced then me. he has a good number of seeds and a few pots and i forget what kind of lights he has. i'll get the specifics from him. he has been trying to grow on his own for the past month or 2, but now were trying to get in on it together.

    basically though, i just want to know where to start. like where to grow indoors for example. i dont have too many vacant closests in the house just waiting to be grown in. (although i think my neighbor might have one)

    if you could just point a beginner in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

    edit: i think i'm just getting overwhelmed because i'm trying to read through all the posts and just soak up as much knowledge as i can before i try to start growing, but it just seems like there is so much prep and lots of things that need to be known before you grow. (which i most likely don't know)
  2. well i wish I could help ya. i really do. but i know nothin boot grown weed. i mean it's gotta be like any other plant right? okay i'm no help. lol. keep the darn things watered and in sunlight. watch i'm gunna get slammed for this lol. in a nice way of course cuz the guyz at teh city who know what they are actaully doin are so cool. maybe someone with some actual advice would be beneficial. u think. ahhhhhh, time for me to mozey on my way. wish i could dance right now.
  3. lol....daisey i know you posted this while your drunk...lol.....i read your other thread where you said you were just back from the pub......argueing with yourself....lol.......hope you had a good night, and the hangover isn't too bad.......... ;) .......Johnny, read the guide under my sig, it will help you out...........Peace out.......Sid

  4. exactly... read as much as you can... go onto www.amazon.com and buy a book on marijuana growing... (i recomend closet cultivator... great begginer book) and read as much as you can.... the more you learn what did and didnt work for other growers will show you what to do and what not to do in your own garden..

    depending on how much you would like to yeild will tell where you need to grow... (a few oz = small grow box, medium = closet, alot = room (spare bedroom or such))...

    good luck:D
  5. Thanks for all the help guys.

    I'm only looking to grow upwards of a couple ounces, maybe a little more. Like 4-5 maybe.
  6. then start out with a space of about 3' wide x 2' deep... since your first harvest will probably not be your best... but if you watch what others do and read as much as you possibly can, then you first crop could be close to growers that have been doing it for years...

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