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  1. Hey GC.
    As the title suggests when it comes to growing marijuana i know nothing except that i should plant some seeds. I live in North Wales which is kind of a sun-free place except for odd periods of sun, usually about a week or so of nice weather, during summer and i know that marijuana plants need about 8 or 9 hours of sunlight a day and i'm not sure if this place can really provide that yet outdoor growing is the only way for me to grow. Is there any way for me to grow in this situation? There's a forest-type area, very close to where i live, which i rarely see people fooling around in. There are many clearings and openings where sunlight, when there is any, can get through.
    So, are there any seed strains that are easy to grow in this kind of weather, occasionally sunny, alot of rain in some seasons? :confused:
  2. Hey dude. Read all the stickies in the grow sections. If that doesn't convince you that indoors is your best option, then your going to wanna look for a mold/fungus resistant strain... White widow is one of the mold resistant ones...
  3. Well i can see indoor being the better option but it's just not possible for me. Growing here is illegal with, i believe, a large jail sentence for being caught so my 2 flatmates, who don't toke, are extremely against the idea. I'm looking into different strains now and trying to determine which would be right but i'm still worried about spending the money on the seeds and then turning out that it's not going to be possible.
  4. Well that sucks. It's amazing how a small 2x2 tent can squish into a bedroom closet though ;) BUT if you have already mentioned it to your flat mates you kinda euchered yourself. Just try and get some cheap seeds and give it a go.
  5. Well when you mention doing it behind their backs, i can't see that being too hard. 2x2? Is that seriously all the space i'd need?
  6. You can do amazing things w/ a tent in a closet.
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    That's my tents size :D if it's only for personal, that's just fine.. Make sure you scrog it though... But if you can fit something bigger like a 3x3.... :devious: make sure you get a speed controller for your fan though.. So your mates don't ask about the jet engine taking off in your closet ;)
  8. MJ is a sun-loving plant and needs lots of direct light. This also is the wrong time of year to start an outdoor grow above the 50th parallel...

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