Absolute beginner. I need some supportive advise.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tgsk85, May 1, 2006.

  1. I wanted to start growing. But I'm at a strange point. There's seriously like a million strains of weed. What's a good seed to buy that will grow well indoors with the most basic of set ups (a pot of soil, a fan, and some light). Also are all female seeds worth the money? I mostly just want to grow enough weed for myself and my roommates to smoke with (I'm talking like a plant or two at a time). I know this is depending on the strain of weed but on average how many ounces does one plant produce? Would white widow or Blueberry be too hard/impossible to grow with a basic setup? If those are bad picks then what strain should I buy? Please remember I don't want super high yields. All I want is super good smokable weed for myself and my friends.
  2. if your looking for a higher female:male

    1 - dissolve one birth control pill in 1.5 liters of water.
    2 - once the pill in competely gone put the seeds you will be using in the bottle to soak overnight.
    3 - in the morning, soak a papertowel in the water with the pill dissolved in it. ring it out until it doesn't drip anymore. then put the seeds in and fold it over.

    wait until they show a root about __ <that long and plant them in the soil with the root facing down.

    for an easy strain to grow, check out nirvana's seed bank. they have 10-20 different varieties for 20.00 for a pack of 10. they give you yield per plant and height and potency for each strain.

    if you want a good website to order from, very discreet and i have always gotten my seeds, even a few freebies, just pm me.
  3. Try Northern Light. Potent indica good for an indoor grow (and usually low odor while growing, too).
  4. Is it just me or do others think Noobies should start with bagseed? +rep for me!
  5. looks like you beat me too the draw,, yes all newbies should start with bagseed,,,,,, it dont matter if youve grew a 1000 plants outside,,,,, ive grew a shitload outside myself,,,but when you go inside,,, theres so many things that can go wrong,,,,,,you know how many ive grown inside,,,,,,, 5 and the only reason ive not encountered disaster is because of doing my research,,,,, those 5 would give you a stiffy allthough,,,i got lucky,,,,i have had no problems,,,, not 1 ,,,dont spend big money on seeds until youve shown YOURSELF that YOU are in control of the elements,,,,,by this i mean,,, the light,,,[cycles] heat transfer, ventilation,odor control,e.t.c. if you produce a sucessful harvest from bagseed,,,then yeah bust loose and get you some high quality seeds,,,,and do some selective pollinating,,,,,and not worry of buying no more seeds....good luck.. this is my first '' expermintal grow'' to make sure i am in control of my elements,,,,,,,ive had no deaths or no freakout emergencies,,,, im looking at 4 to 5 wks to smoke time,,,,,,,,, im a fukin druid.....CONTROLLER OF THE ELEMENTS,,,,get back!!!!!!:D
  6. I disagree. :p

    Now, I have nothing against bagseed, but I think purchasing seeds for the first grow is the way to go simply because they're more likely to germ and sprout. I don't suggest buying the most expensive seeds($30+) nor do I encourage first time growers to attempt super strains that require precise conditions, but a $15 pack of seeds suited for beginners is well worth the money. I find it ironic that the same people on this board who always preach "you get what you pay for" when talking about lighting, soil, etc. don't condone the use of quality seeds for the first grow. If anything, bagseed should be saved for a second grow. That way, you'll know how to treat the plant if it turns out to be indica, sativa or a mix, and maximize your yield.
  7. id have to disagree with you there HARD,, $30.00 aint really shit,,,so i guess i wont debate that,,,, but for a guy to drop $100.00 plus for some feminized seeds,,, only to see them burn up may be quiet depressing,,,,o.k. let me analyize your post,,,,,all bag seed will germ and sprout if its a mature seed,,, all seeds require precise attention to support growth,, 30.00$ aint a waste for good seed,,,, only you know your setup,,,, if you think you got it together,, after researching the dos and donts,,,then all the power to you,,,, post it in the grow journals,,and we will all check it out...

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