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  1. as the title says, I am a straight up newjack when it comes to growing but I've been interested in doing it for a while. done a little research here and there but still pretty much confused with a decent grow tent set up. most of the "kits" seem pricey for what you can getBudget is $800-$1200, do not want to go over $1200 also I want to keep the tent around 4x4 or smaller? not really wanting much bigger than that. been looking at the gorilla tents but is it worth it? also is hydro needed? I am wanting the set up to be pretty much self maintaind, if that's even a thing lol

    whatever help/adive with a setup that anyone will give would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
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  2. That's what i'm using, that and a 4x4 home made wooden box witch costed a hell of a lot more than the tent, double easy. The gorilla tent is awesome btw, it even has windows you can see through without opening the tent and the wall zips all the way off if you need to move it. When i replace my box i'm definitely getting another gorilla tent. All of those have warranties too.
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  3. Got a similar set up to PNW for 4-450. 40x40 tent. Found it on ebay.

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  4. awesome! thanks for all the reply PNW and mook. yeah, so far gorilla is definitely the tent I am wanting to go with. as for the light and vent. just a 600w be fine and does the brand matter much or just finding a nice deal on amazon or ebay okay? as for the exhaust fan, if you don't mind pointing me in a good direction via link or something that would be great. if not I can look up some cfm's you recommend.

    again, thank you all for the help/advice. all of it is appreciated!
  5. also is hyrdo anything I should be interestred in or not really? I am looking to make it as "self maintained" as possible while still getting that green thumb feel I guess you can say.

    stoked for this adventure. going to be a lot of trial and error and hopefully or I should say most definitely help me take these training wheels off and learn a massive amount from you all :)
  6. Gud luck love. Ya will be fine. Its all about learning. Dont worry if ya kill a few on way as all about knowledge. As ya learn alot from yr mistakes.
    I cant ready advise bout a set up as in uk things sometime priced different here plus i av only done rooms converts as had many ideal properties. climate differnt ere but ya can make ya own climate in ya room or tent . Anyway gud look and as long as ya get good healthy seeds or clones then wi a lot of love to ya plant ya will be ok. Xxx
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  7. Hydro is a lot of fun. I've assisted on some, but opted not to start with it for my own first grows. It feels less like gardening and more like a science project. Neither better or worse, just different.
    A hydro set up is more expensive if you buy a kit, or more involved if you're a DIY guy. For first timers I recommend dirt first, then hydro later if inclined. This gives you time to learn the basics in soil, and while that's growing time to learn the ins and outs of hydro.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  8. If GCs policy doesn't break this link, here's the page I used for my 1st walkthrough. Simple and reliable.

    Marijuana Home Growing for Beginners

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
  9. Totally agree wi mook2707.. it started soil . Yeh learn the basic and more!!!! Always help on ere too xxx
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  10. I did soil on my first grow, this is my second and i'm doing hydro and soil this time, the hydro is cleaner and no bugs. It requires a lot more attention than soil, the soil would be a better approach to self maintained. You can get any equipment i'd just make sure it's got a warranty. If it's worth anything they will offer a warranty. I almost lost my first crop to a piece of equipment dying a week or two before harvest with no warranty.
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  11. will a tent prevent pretty much any bugs/pest?

    is there any difference in the quality produced of hydro vs soil ? why does hydro take more attention?

    also so any 600w lights work?

    is any botany degree recommended before attempting? or do you think the love of the plant is enough to take on this type of task??

    always been a dream of mine but just never have had the confidence
  12. I'm only on my second grow man, i got a lot out of my first grow though. Any grow lights will work. Nope if your in soil nothing but chemicals will prevent bugs. In hydro yes unless one gets in while you have it open. In soil you need to water twice a week in the beginning getting to be as much as every other day while in hydro you need to monitor the temp and ph of the water as well as the ppms twice a day because it's less forgiving than soil, i had them look half dead one day because i let the tanks gt too hot. soils easier but the bugs suck. Soil also give a bit weaker of a plant but more flavorfull and hydro delivers more potent plants but not as much flavor, this is only what i hear since i haven't finished my hydro crop yet. Almost 2 months left. One of my northern lights in soil tasted like grape juice, it was awesome. Only one though.
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  13. A tent won't prevent any pests. Sticking to a good ipm (integrated pest management) program is the best bet there. How you would go about that would depend on how you're growing. Sm-90 was my main stay pest management when I grew with bottled nutes. Now that I grow organic it's neem, karanja, organic alternatives etc

    Quality of hydro vs soil....you're going to get a lot of different opinions on that. For the most part hydro guys are going to say hydro...soil guys soil. If there was 1 best way, then there would be 1 book with what you do start to finish that everyone would follow. It doesnt work that way. I believe all forms of growing have their place and in the right hands any style can produce the highest quality buds. It just depends on the grower and their situation. Organic living soil works best for my situations and what I want from my grow. However that is not going to apply to everyone. I have a hydro set up sitting on the self not getting used.

    Not sure what you mean by asking if any 600 watt light works. Any light in general? Or any 600 watt grow light? Any light in general, no .......any grow light, yes. I have 600 watt Hid grow lights, metal halide/ high pressure sodium... they work. Seen some nice ass leds too.

    No degrees required. Cannabis is a weed and not difficult to grow. Some of the best weed I've ever smoked was grown by the most backwood rednecks you've ever seen. I truelly believe the most common mistake made by new growers is trying to hard. Overthinking, over doing, jumping at the first solution instead of finding the right solution, etc etc. Just love won't cut it either. A little bit of online research like reading the stickies on grass city, maybe throw in a good book or 2 and you're set. How far you want to take it is up to you. If you want a degree, by all means go for it. However it does not take a degree to grow killer buds.

    Just grow man if you can. That's the only way you'll ever find out if it's for you. Lots of people dream of growing, but it isn't for everyone. Try it out. You don't have to go big. Start small if you want to gain confidence.
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  14. grape is my favorite flavor lmao. I feel like monitoring those levels twice a day would be worth the time (as i have it available) and i am looking to grow the most potent plants i can so hydro sounds like what i want

    if i find bugs in my house on occasion would you suggest i move before i set everything up or will the integrated pest management be powerful enough to prevent all bugs?

    on the lights, yeah, was somewhat referring to name brand as i would hate to get some cheap off name brand lights that dont work very well and end up with a low quality product

    you guys have any preferred websites/stores that are trustworthy. Or have the best deals on supplies, Or seeds ?

    thanks. the support is appreciated
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    You won't ever find a place that doesn't have bugs on occasions. Rather an ipm is effective or not depends on the gardener and should be in place no matter where you live. Pests can happen anywhere, even in hydro. Not all bugs are bad.

    Hydro/soil doesn't produce potent plants. Genetics and the grower grows potent plants in any medium. I don't have the time to invest in hydro and I'm not OK with bottled nutrients anymore. Younger I didn't care. Expensive and you just don't always know what's in them. As I get older I think more about organic growing and less about chemical nutes. Expensive chemical nutes are mainly water, pricey water. I want to know what I'm ingesting is the healthiest possible. With my work schedule organic living soils are as easy as it gets. Just water and that's it. I use sub irrigated planters so I hardly even have to water. Fill up once a week and forget about it. A well built soil has everything it needs. Sometimes I only see my grow once a week because I'm gone a lot. Top dress between grows. No bottles to mess with. No feeding schedules to follow.

    Names brands don't always produce quality buds, growers do. I've seen some pretty nice grows with pretty cheap equipment. I started off with cheap apollo hid lights they worked great. I eventuslly moved on to better brands. Im a solis tek fan. Leds are the exception, you get what you pay for. They can get expensive.

    Places to find equipement ebay, Amazon, htg supply, hydro galaxy and 1000s of other places. Youre going to hsve to search to find the best deals, it's not hard

    Seeds there's a ton of places and a whole section of grass city dedicated to seed banks in and out of the US. I just received an order from the vault last week. There's a long list of good banks.
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  16. Equipment..
    Buy your ballast and lamps local.. So when your 8 month old ballast blows in the middle of flower it's a 10 minute drive to the local hydro store for a warranty swap not 3 weeks while you ship that bad boy off to who knows where.. Same with your exhaust fan, get it local..
    Grow medium..
    Organic soil will be your most hands off.. Look over the No-Till thread or ITGs soil build..
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

  17. Go DWC. Will have to change water once a week and check ph in the middle of the week and that's it.

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