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  1. Hi all, new to the forum and to growing so please be gentle with your comments [​IMG] I have recently gotten my green card and am going to attempt to grow my own. It still has to be stealth due to my living situation so here is what I came up with.
    I am using a standard foot locker, inner measurements are 27in L x 12 in W x 15 in H. It will be standing on it end as seen in the photos. I have painted it flat white on the inside. I have a small hole drilled in the top for my temp/humidity gauge cord, which I will seal with spray foam when the time comes. Kind of hard to see in the pic but near the bottom right corner before the lid.

    Sorry don't know how to get the pic turned correctly on here, but its standing up on it's end.
    Now, here is where the questions start coming in.
    I have some old computer fans that I can use for ventilation. Where in the box should I put them? I was thinking on the back of the box. Also I have seen the carbon filters in here and wonder if a small one would work, as I will only be doing one plant at a time and plan to use a short variety.

    I'm re thinking my lighting, possibly 3 surge protectors, one on top, one on each side, with the plug to socket things. Maybe 2 lights each. These would be mounted inside with the cord running out a hole in the box which would be sealed.
    I'm running an experiment right now with the current light that I have and the door not totally closed. It is 75F/30% humidity (small jar of hot water in box).

    That's it so far. Please tell me what you think and advise me.
    Happy growing!

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    Hey xenaswolf!

    Very envious to hear that you are in a position to produce legally

    How much bud were you hoping to grow and in what time?

    Your CFL is quite small and the spectrum of light it produces is really best suited for budding/flowering rather than vege growth - Idealy you would purchase a 6400k which is also called cool white.

    You can certainly grow some nice weed in your little box - might be best to consider bigger fans and more lights though.

    Fans which pump air out of the box are typically best situated near the top - where the heat will rise to - and conversely - your intake should be near the bottom -

    Do you perhaps have a little oscillating fan to move the air around inside the box?
  3. Noam, as it is right now I haven't put anything other than what you see in.
    Was waiting for some input :)
    I don't have a small fan like you mentioned, not sure if it would fit, but am looking into some bigger case fans. If my figures are correct, my box is about 4 cubic foot and the fan I have for exhaust moves 46 cfm.

    I am planning on more lights, that is just what I had the cash for, at least for the moment. I didn't find any of the bigger lights that you mentioned at Wally World, so will check online.

    I'm not planning on growing more than one plant at a time, so however much one short plant will produce and as quickly as possible. LOL like I said, total newb to growing.

    I don't want to cut a bunch of holes in the box until I am sure what to use, since its the only one I have.

    Now the PLAN is to put my exhaust fan up towards the top back of the box with a carbon filter on it. The intake will go kitty corner on the bottom.

    My concern is, getting it warm enough with enough humidity in the box, but not too much of either. I'm open to ideas for sure!
  4. Get yourself a hygrometer + thermometer so you can maintain your environment precisely

    The humidity+temperature will be largely dependent on the box's external environment

    CFLs dont produce much heat and one plant isn't going to produce much humidity

    I live in England and keeping the plants warm can be just as much as an issue as keeping them cool.

    Most growers agree that plants grow the fastest at around 75f which is quite a lot warmer than the ambient temperature of my house for the majority of the year.

    The heat+light makes the plant transpire - this pumps up water from the roots which bring nutrients and sugars with it.

    Don't scrimp on your lighting as it is the most important aspect of growing.

    I have a large setup with HID's - but i'm new to micro growing

    This is my latest project - Using CFLs - the first photo's are coming on Monday i think


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