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  1. Has anyone heard of it? I just saw an ad in my High Times and I want it. 151 proof(75.5% Alcohol) and 111 mg of the psychoactive ingredient thujone. Seems like you would have a good time every time you brought that along.

    Heres the site if you havn't heard of it. I dont know if its the official site or not.

  2. that premium is a fucking ripoff. 199 for a fifth? they can suck my dick.

    50 bucks for half a liter of green dragon, suck my cock times two.
  3. yah, its definitely expensive.
  4. Expensive but worth it. My bro brought some back from europe the past year. If you heat it and shoot it with sugar, it will fuck ya up pretty good, you cant get the smile off your face :D
  5. Ive been wantin to try it for a while now :(
  6. Its very strong. As in burned my throat like a mofo. But it is fun to drink once you get passed the teary eyed stage.
  7. I've posted this before, and many disagree w/ me, but..

    if you get absinthe, stay away from the Czech stuff.

    anyways. do it. its fun. its a different kind of drunk.
  8. Hi Colonel! Come visit and lets have some green drink and smoke. I just found out today that Christian will be home every weekend for a while. I'm stoked!

    I agree that the taste of Czech, it's horrible but that's all I can really say. --- I like the brand below the best. I do not do any traditional methods for drinking it either. I find it to taste just fine with about a shot glass amount over ice. I don't drink often, but that small of an amount will give me a nice buzz. I really love to smoke while I have some. It's more of a pharma high feeling to me instead of a drunk high. :smoke:

    <img src=http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e89/dbH20/myspace/absente.jpg>
  9. i saw my friend go from socially drunk (insert 2 shots of absinthe here) to drunk asshole of the party.

    he only gets like that when he is completely gone.

    but fuck 199 for a fifth. i would never pay that.
  10. absinthe usually runs around $100 a liter around here..
  11. can absinthe be brought back to the states from europe?
  12. ^Yes, but...

    In the US its illegal to Sell absinthe. Its not illegal to posess it however, so ordering from another country, online, is the easiest and safest way to get it. No need to go on a trip.
  13. Have you imported any yourself, TheColonel? If so, you have a site you recommend? :)
  14. Absinthe is sold in all the alcohol shops here, here are some pics of a bottle I have in my room -






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