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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. ok guys and gals, Im wondering if any of you have ever made your own absinthe?.... and im hoping you guys know what that is..cuz i need help

    I made absinthe twice(or atleast tried) and i just finished trying to make a batch but instead of coming out an emerald green it came out like a dark ass brown.... and absinthe is bad enough for people if too much is taken so im not going anywhere near the ass stuff. im just wondering if any of you guys have any tips on making it. Ive drank it once and it was pretty neat but i was interested in making my own.
  2. I never knew you could make your own absinth!
    How did you try making it?
  3. its just really strong grain alcohol(vodka 100% proof etc.) soaked with wormwood and other herbs..its like psychoactive because of the mixture of alcohol and thujone thats in the wormwood..and it *should* turn a thick emerald green...BUT MINE ISNT!

    and no its not because im using the wrong wormwood so dont ask ;) ...
  4. what exactly does absinthe do? I've heard people talk about it but I've yet to meet someone who's tried it.....I'm quite curious.......
  5. It used to be more common than wine in Europe during the 17-1800's(i think, sometime around then)...but then it was banned. After that Europe had its own version of a prohibition, but not alcohol just absinthe....many famouse people/artists (van gough, oscar wilde, hemmingway etc.) claim to have used it while drunk on absinthe, and give it credit for much of their artistic talents....

    Its VERY strong alcohol, so first off it gets you piss drunk, but in some of the herbs that its soaked in and especially in the wormwood(main ingredient after alcohol) they have a chemical which gets extracted thru the process called thujone... Law nowadays has it as an illegal drug on its own i believe, mainly in part because when people first started making absinthe, they used very unnhealthy and funky ingredients and werent sanitary about it, and it caused temporary blindess seizures and sometimes death, but if its made correctly its completely fine in moderation(just like alcohol). It gives a very drunk affect but sometimes with slight hallucinations, kinda like shrooms i guess.
  6. very interesting! thanks:)
  7. Sounds like jagermeister, to me.

    I know you can buy a commerciall bottled absinthe here. I've drunk it straight and in mixed drinks at the "Old Absinthe House" located on Bourbon Street, New Orleans.
  8. They have alcohol called "absointhe" but its illegal to serve real absinthe with thujone in it...they still have the green drinks that they serve over sugar and icecubes and everything..but its not the same
  9. more port [​IMG] and more pot is what we need [​IMG]
  10. they still sell the real deal in Andorra, a little state of it's own in the pyranees, between France and Spain.......good stuff, and it has everything in the french were saying it's still banned in France,but it's good to get some in Andorra.......i brought a bottle back with me, but i think it's allmost done, it's at a pals house......i'll try to get a pic of it......i had approx 2-4 shots.....(can't really rembember how many) and was falling around, with a big smile on my gets your body more drunk than your head.......your thinking lots of weird shit.......but your legs just aint working no out.........Sid
  11. I've always wanted to try absinthe. They say you aren't supposed to drink enough to actually get drunk from the alcohol, only about 2 shots worth then mixed with sugar water for sipping, because the alcohol will mostly outweigh the thujone experience. Lots of artists were on this stuff and I really want to try it, but it's expensive as hell to get imported from Europe. It also used to cause some people to go mad, but that was when there was a much higher thujone content in the drink as well as other chemicals that could react that are no longer present in modern concoctions.
  12. damn, long time no see thread...i posted this in january of 2002...

    I actually just finished trimming my wormwood plant of its mature foliage and i have about three ounces (wet) from one trimming. I need to find anise seeds to make truly legit absinthe. so i should have a new batch in the very near future

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