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ABSINTHE and some "Jack Herer"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. here is some absinthe....the very expensive kind got it from Italy and man does it fuck u up if you pour up right. (the correct way) good absinthe has a a high alchohol as you can see from the label....this stuff tasted like liquorice



    supposivley some jack herer but who knows smells really skunky and tastes skunky/peppery
    really fluffy too

  2. cool shit man. ive been wanting to get my hands on some absinthe. bud looks delicious too.
  3. yea im lucky i have relatives over there so i get it alot and its free because they send them as gifts. althought i got 3 bottles of this kind of absinthe when i was over there and this is my last bottle from the 3.
  4. So i hear the absinthe in the states is not the same as in europe. A buddy of mine from work said the absinthe he got didnt make him trip it just got him wicked drunk. some noxious looking nuggs you got there.
  5. beatiful herer mane, i have a friend in madrid spain and he called me one night fucked up on absinthe lol, enjoy that!
  6. I just got some Jack that looks exactly like those yummy nugs :hello: +rep
  7. Nice pick ups! I got some really good Absinthe once, from a friend who went to Amsterdam.I would describe it as drinking very little and getting shitfaced very fast... :)


  8. Absinthe has been made continuously here in Spain for over a century. It is rocket fuel, and bars are not allowed to sell it - shops only.

    Just don´t ever buy that overpriced Czech rubbish.
  9. WTF is that bottle with the weed leaf on it? Is it like green dragon?
  10. Great looking bud, fucking dank. I've always wanted to get my hands on some Absinthe.
  11. i got this in europe...i had several different bottles while i was there and this is my favorite tasting and it was also the more expensive bottles

    yes you sip on it really slow and dilute it with water and sugar for also helps the herbs become more active by drippping the cold water or the thujone
    ....i didnt trip or nothin i was just shitfaced and feeling very nice

    i went to spain for two weeks and i have to say....spain has the best night clubs i have ever been to. and the parties were crazy. next time im in italy ill have to make my way to spain maybe we can burn a uncle gets some really nice bud in italy so ill have plenty to bring :D
  12. im much more impressed with the jack herer
    its more than 200$ for sensi seeds (10) now....want to grow it bad. figure its worth the price
  13. Well, I've had 70% absinthe served to me the right way out of the US: poured over a sugar cube on a spoon, ignited, extinguished, and served all in front of me. If you like drinking ridiculously strong alcohol (it burned the whole way down, my body was trying to reject it), with zero THC effect (thujone != THC), then absinthe is for you. I'll stick to beer, thanks.

    The Jack Herer, on the other hand, I haven't had for like 1.5 years. A dispensary near me just got in some dank JH, so I'll have to try that. Plus I'm meeting Jack Herer on Friday at a dispensary (he's there for book signings) - I want to smoke with him so bad, haha.

  14. they say your not suppose to light it on fire...but its done for effect and can be quite dangerous...the cubes are dipped in the absinthe but as for jack herer yes its a great day time smoke very energtic and mind pacing....and jack herer himself is a great guy although i have never met him personally that would be crazy if you smoked with him
  15. i ahve had that state side stuff, it was an intense liqoricue flavor that immediately cleared all my signuses

  16. thujone isn't related to THC in any way.
  17. thujone and THC are molecularly similar, but if you are buying absinthe based on thujone level then your not getting a quality absinthe. The absinthe posted in this thread is not good quality. Unfortunatly, Absinthe will not make you trip unless you drink enough to induce alcohol poisoning. The buzz from good absinthe is somewhat different than alcohol, but nothing that dramitic. And you can get decent absinthe in the states--Kubler for one.
  18. if your absinthe doesnt have wormwood and thujone it's not real
  19. I got a gram of the Jack Herer today, since I got an eighth of some top-shelf Headband they had, which I thought was a tiny bit better (both were very dank). The Jack Herer is a great sativa - they had a vapor lounge set up and one bowl in a volcano had me feeling great. I haven't used my vape since December (I broke the whip to my VaporBros).
  20. I know, != means "not equal," it's common in computer language codes.

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