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  1. I dont know how many people have tried absenthe, but when I tryed it I got fucked up. I drank absinthe along with scotch, beer, and I smoked about an 1/8th with a friend. The thing that hit me the most was my vision. At first the room was just kinda spinning and dipping and turning different directions, but then it got to the point where if I turned my head all the colors that I saw would blend together into one swirl and I couldnt tell where I was. :p Damn that was fun. Anyone else ever try it?
  2. gross, you mix different liquors.....once you pick a liquor stick with it man haha

    i have wanted to try absinthe for a while now, hopefully i get some soon(i plan to order some offline)

    and i am ONLY going to drink it, no smoking or other stuff, because i want to only be able to feel what absinthe is like
  3. I've tried absinthe with some of my friends... I sticked with only absinthe and felt excellent but some of my friends mixed it with some of other drinks and felt kind of bad and aggresive... I would try absinthe any time I have the chance... It gave me a great kind of creative mind with lucid ideas...it was awesome... The next day felt kind of crazy and wierd... That was the bad part
  4. Lololol I LOOOVVVVEE mixing different liquors! :p The most I've ever mixed in one night was Absinthe, Black Rum, Cherry Liquor, Coconut Rum, Scotch, and Vodka, and some beer is always nice at the end when your crashing :)
  5. where are you getting such and awesome supply of absinthe, where u live? lol

    but man, i wanna try it soo bad, good story
  6. Drank absinthe and got fucked up on it. It's the most horrible tasting shit in the world and IMO not worth it. You'll have that awful taste stuck in your mouth and mind for days if not weeks. It's some nasty shit.
  7. I live in NC but my friend got some from Italy and I'm going to visit where my family used to live in Sicily and ima pick up some more :D

    - Set it on fire and blow it out before you drink it, it helps carmelize the sugar and shit :p
  8. melt in a sugar cube before you drink it, like you are supposed to

  9. haha its just the opposite with me...the more the merrier!

    The only absinthe experience I've had worth really mentioning was this one time when right after I took it the room lost its color for a little while, and then when it came back everything in the room was trembling a lot for like...a minute...

    Oh and once I jumped on a trampoline on absinthe...not smart at all but it didn't turn out badly and was fun as hell. :p
  10. I had some about a year ago, one of my friends who had been traveling through europe braught a bunch of it back. The only thing that happened to me was that I got really, really drunk on just a few drinks. I didn't notice any hallucinations or any other odd feelings, I was just really drunk. And yes it was the real absenth with wormwood in it, it just didn't have any odd effects on me.
  11. absinthe, the drink driving artists crazy one at a time for hundereds of years.
  12. Hell yea lol, van gogh was drinking it when he cut off his ear. :eek:
  13. hemingway was when he commited suicide :)
  14. who are the best most reputable online suppliers?
  15. what your supposed to do is pour it onto a spoon of sugar into a glass of water, like 3/4 water 1/4 absinthe. that way the taste is dilluted and it has the sugar mixed in.
  16. Don't bother lol, that drags out the taste, better to down it straight. Unless u like licorish, then u would love the taste :)

    Plus the absinthe like coats and numbs your throat and you feel like when you breathe your taking in like tons of really cold oxygen all the way to your lungs, feels nice :)
  17. No idea, but be careful because US Customs might seize the absinthe sense its illegal in the US and might get pissed at you, never ordered online before.

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