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absence of Phish de Ganja

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Apr 20, 2003.


Has GanjaPhish not been around enough lately for your liking?

  1. yes, the ganjaphish has not been here enough lately for my liking

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  2. no, the ganjaphish has not been here enough lately for my liking

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  3. where have u been? the ganjaphish is as present as ever! (btw i am a smelly liar who doesnt know wh

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  4. im new... ganjawho?

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  1. the super dork hath been slacking in attendance if u ask me.
  2. Yes, she has been. I had to hunt her happy non-attending ass down just to respond to the Zep thread. I miss her.:( She's my fellow dork and it's hard to be a dork when she isn't around here.
  3. aw, it's ok rmjl... she'll be back eventually. probably just been busy :D

    i wonder if my dorkiness is enough to qualify me as a dork? LOL
  4. I don't know if you're dork material or not, Cottons. Oh're a wedgie man...yeah, you're a full-blooded dork!!!! :D
  5. <big>HELL YEAH</big>

    ::does the dork dance::
  6. yea i noticed she hasn't been around much every since i started posting again...
  7. Ive been missing ganjaphish too!!!! when she does pop up, Im not around :/ but Ive been thinking bout yea girl! hope to catch up with you soon okie dokie smokie? :D cool beans. :) btw. I love the dorks. LOL, im a closet dork! :D
  8. dorks (closet et all) unite!

    and rumjil... i think u manage to 'dork it up' just fine by yourself. heehee :D

    Come back ganjaphish!

    i miss seeing hobbes! :p

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