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Discussion in 'General' started by Tokin on Boris, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Hey, im British and other than in schools theres not much thingnegative propaganda regarding weed, except for the occasional article in some of Britains finest tabloids... but imo it seems theres a lot bigger hate for ze herb in america, with websites and adverts like abovetheinfluence.com... what i want to know is do people actually believe that shit over there, because its a shame that non tokers opinion of weed is that your going to be a paranoid schizo talking to your dog, or that your going to do nothing with your life other than sit on "petes" couch... silly ignorant website
  2. Yes, A LOT of people believe it.
  3. ignorance exists in america. very much so.
  4. yea that web site is pretty much bull shit they try so hard to make weed seem evil and life ruining it just kinda makes me mad why they spend so much time trying to make weed seem like its evil
  5. ah man that sucks :( it would piss me off so much if someone quoted something off one of those adverts "nah you shouldnt smoke weed itl make you throw your life away... the advert said so" *facepalm*

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