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  1. fuck those commercials
    last time I checked smoking weed dosnt make you change you who are
    it gets you high...thats it

    they dont even talk about the health effects in their commercials they just say you change who you area, make bad decision, blah blah blah
    all bull shit, no actual facts
  2. I stopped going to sites like those a long time ago, reading that textual diarrhea does nothing but piss me off.

    People are fucking ignorant and it will never change, start getting used to it.
  3. "Risks: Impaired judgment and motor coordination / Shortened attention span and distractibility / Anxiety and panic attacks /Increased heart rate / Increased risk of heart attack / Increased risk for schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals / Impaired judgment / Problems with memory and learning / Lowered motivation / Decreased alertness and coordination / Addiction / irritability/ sleeplessness/ anxiety/ impaired appetite/ and aggression."

    Agression? Hah.
    Addiction? Hah.
    Impaired Appetite? :rolleyes:
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    Wait....Weed is illegal?:confused:

    Apperantly this Chick agrees with Above the influence

  5. All the facts they tell you are propaganda. Some of their only selling points aren't true. I don't even know how people are that ignorant. Not only about the subject matter, but to use information that has been proved wrong long ago.
  6. i pressed read more then read more again theres a fuckin article....it actually says something about making you so depressed it might make you kill yourself :D:D dumb fucks
  7. All the things it says on there are actually accurate, except I don't know about increased risk of heart attack and schizophrenia.
  8. everytime I see one of those commercials, I go pack a bowl out of spite [​IMG]

    the one that REALLY pisses me off is the one where all the fucktard kids are saying things like "I got straight D's!" [​IMG] "I ditched my friends!" [​IMG] "I ran over my dog!" [​IMG] I want to make one of me and all the stoners I can find who are successful, but god forbid a commercial supports drug use :rolleyes: People do stupid shit like that BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING STUPID, not because of the pot. Of course the only people who believe the bullshit commercials?

    ....yep. fuckin STUPID. :rolleyes:
  9. Addiction?
  10. psychological addiction, not physical addition like tobacco or alcohol
  11. Eh, the only thing that gets me is they say more teens are diagnosed with Cannabis addiction then any other drug.
  12. I actually saw a NORML commercial not to long ago... i wishe i would have recorded that historical moment of my life :(
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    Weed is fucking addictive imo!
    That is true I think, so many kids these days are thrown in rehabs for weed. God a heroin addict would slap the shit out of someone who says they were in rehab for weed.
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  15. Nice, gettin' the word out. :hello:
  16. Nice.......:D

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