above the influence funny.

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  1. lmao people are so stupid. christianity was illegal for hundreds of years during the Roman Empire. now im not christian or anything but it just shows how laws are ridiculous and thats an awful reason to not do something.
  2. sent them a really long, nasty message.

    well not nasty, just evidence disproving thier facts.

    MJ has the same effects on the brain as along time opiate user? BULLSHIT.
  3. i wanted to get a shirt with their logo on the front and then on the back, Just Kidding. but none of those t-shirt ordering websites would do it... fuckin bastards
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    they actually cite a scientific paper that supposedly proves this to be true (in a very respectable journal as well). however, if you actually go and read the paper carefully, there is one subtle, but major flaw: the mouse model they used to induce "marijuana withdrawal" is complete bullshit. to induce withdrawal, they administer a cannabinoid receptor agonist (seems counter intuitive right?). in addition, the paper they cited which should show that this method is a valid model for inducing withdrawal symptoms is simply an organic synthesis paper showing how to make the compound and showing that it binds to the receptor with decent affinity. there is absolutely no data to suggest that the drug is a model for withdrawal mice (seeing as how true withdrawal symptoms are the result of a rather complicated series events in the brain, not just a single agonist binding to a receptor). so without working too hard, it's very clear that every conclusion the authors drew in that study is nearly meaningless.

    it's almost too easy to pick appart anti-marijuana studies.
  5. Teens age 12 to 17 who regularly smoke marijuana were shown to be three times more likely than non-users to have suicidal thoughts

    I used to be suicidal and once i picked up marijuna I havent thought about that ever again.
    once again BULLSHIT
  6. Same here man
  7. +rep dude :p
  8. lol pot myths:
    Everyone in high school is having sex.
    Size, weight, and beauty matter most

    Those are totally related to marijuana.
  9. marijuana brought me out of a several year long depression, don't see how that can possibly make people suicidal. i call BS on that too.

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