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Above The Influence commercials.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MyNameIsBud420, May 14, 2009.

  1. I can't stand these "Above the Influence" commercials. Misinforming bullshit being spewed and nothing to stop it. It's more like Under the Ignorance. Anyone who has smoked anytime in their life and see that the commercials depict something that weed isn't. The uninformed and uneducated will remain as such with this shit being shown on tv. They shouldn't be wasting their time trying to keep the masses ignorant when they should be worried about keeping people from doing meth or other drugs that are actually harmful. Just thought I'd voice my thoughts.
  2. I love them, they always make me laugh, especially when im baked or smoking while seeing them. :smoking:
  3. agreed. while theyre annoying, they do nothing but make me laugh. my favorite is easily the one with the girl and her dog is talking to her.
  4. haha i love when im sittin in my living room smoking and watchin tv and then while in mid bong-hit one of those damn commercials comes on lol
  5. yeah they piss me off

    i say we all make some commercials of our own to educate the people!
  6. Anti-marijuana propoganda will never end, until we force the truth into their ignorant minds.
  7. I like the one where they say you leave part of yourself behind when you smoke weed. I agree, I left behind my stupid propaganda believing bullshit life to live in the world of real people.
  8. The sad part is that some people actually believe the propaganda, and it does hurt the movement. Regardless of how utterly stupid it is.
  9. The cute dog that waits for his owner is so funny. cause its dumb

  10. lol agreed. my favorite is with the girl that got straight D's in school and the guy that lets people draw on his face.
  11. Too late, man. NORML launched their pro-pot commercials on 4/20 this year.:hello:

    Haven't seen one yet tho.

  12. Haha my teacher in marketing played one for us.

    this one to be exact. [ame=]YouTube - Legalization: Yes We Can[/ame]

    Made my morning.
    Bout to watch above the influence commercials to get a good laugh.:smoking:
  13. My favorite one is the old S.L.O.M.M. commercials (sticking leeches on my mouth) love it!
  14. [ame=""]YouTube - Above the Influence[/ame]

  15. I had the same thing happen but I almost laughed into my bong ^.^ that woulda sucked
  16. Haha yeah this is a bit of a tired subject, but there was a new one on tv today.
  17. I love it cause they always make me think, "hey, I should smoke a bowl!" It's a good reminder.
  18. I heard NORML is playing a commercial now, should be interesting check youtube for it.
  19. as my saying goes:
    above the influence, under the ignornace.
    above the ignorance, under the influence!


    unfortunatly, anti marijuana propaganda will NEVER stop. as long as there a protagonist, there will be an antagonist. yin and yang. get what i mean? the ignorance will always be jammed down somebodies throat, we just have to try our best to reverse its effects.

    god... i got bitched at by this one girl i used to ride the bus with back in high school.. cause i smoked marijuana. she said it makes you lazy and kills your brain cells.

    i laughed in her face and moved to a different seat. bitch is clueeelesssssss

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