Above the Influence can't get any worse...

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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEvAUvN9aDE"]YouTube - Above the Influence-Achievement (Real)[/ame]

  2. 3 views in 10 minutes? :confused:

    ......I guess I'm the only one that gets bothered by this dumb shnitt.
  3. Hahahahaa, the way they all smile when they say their lines just makes me wanna jump right into that video and fuck shit up.
  4. View #'s does not = Care Amount.

    This commercial bothers me because these problems are social issues, not drug issues.
    Although oldgirl is a cupcake.
  5. This video has been posted countless times on here, not to mention a lot of my friends bring it up. So your video wont get too many views.

    And every person, even my family has said that commercial has absolutley zero comparasion to the average stoner rather the average DRUNK.
  6. Exactly.

    And views = interest.

    BTW, I did 3 different searches to see if this was posted and I couldn't find it anywhere, that's why I made the thread. I hadn't even posted here in a couple weeks till today.
  7. That sounds like booz not weed. Honestly


  8. i saw this commercial today and told my buddy the same thing
  9. I laugh every time I see this shit. :smoke:

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