About when are these ready for harvest?

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  1. As the title says.

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  2. Do you have anything to look at the trichomes with? If so, how do they look on the buds?
  3. I only have that little magnifier glas the one in the picture
  4. Ohh, I see it now......well, get up real close to them and take a look on the buds
  5. I did but u cant see the trichomes good. but the buds have a lot of shining almost white crystals on them.
  6. From the pics....it looks like she could go anytime between RIGHT NOW and.....well until it dies I suppose....
  7. You have animals don't you?
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  8. Buy a scope and check the trichome heads periodically I go Amber but Amber is sedative lol
  9. Ye how did u know?
  10. Ok thanks mate
  11. The animal hair all over the buds. I keep my pets away from my plants. A buddy of mine let's his cat in his grow. Nobody wants his weed. Sticky buds are like magnets for hair, dust and grime
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  12. These are outdoor and that white hair cant be from my dog cause he is black colored
  13. Then its other animals
  14. I see some spider webbing but that looks like a past due auto to me. If it is ripe mold is right around the corner.

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