about what size container is good?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smokey mac pot, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. about what is a good size container to grow some shiva shanti 2 seeds? i alreay have 6 , 5" by 5" and 12 inch deep pots but are they good enough? ok thanks!
  2. well i AM growing many. i am growing 6 or 7.depending on the room i have...

  3. LOL....I heard that woody...lol

  4. all my plants i have outside are in 6 inch pots. because any of the plants i had in the ground had bad luck. I will transplant them ones, well i hope to. I have a growbox setup made, and i can't really put in much bigger pots than 10in (i think). Well i have pots that fit in perfect, but a lil snug, right up against echother. I think there something like 8-10 inches wide. i think the plants only have like 3 ft tall of growing space. i think they should be fine.
  5. 8-10 inches wide....sounds like a two gallon...they work in 3 feet ok with clones..

  7. You should read Todd McCormick's Book: "How to Grow Medical Marijuana". It tells in detail and with pictures how to clone your mother plant. You can get it in .pdf format on Kazaa, just search for "Todd McCormick" or "How to Grow" and you should find it.
  8. Well i was once told to clone u mearly top ur plant (if u dont know how to top a plant u dont deserve to grow) and u germinate the piece u topped as if it were a seed, Plant it and hope it grows!

    ALSO! if your gonna grow find some bomb seeds! i have friends that turn out an once a week with their cycles, and then he turns around and sells that ounce for around $600!
    Its pure money! and after you start your cycle there is little overhead (electric, water bills and the price of soil)
  9. i wouldn't pay $600 for an ounce of anything. i get pretty high quality danks for $325 an ounce... and that's not even a set price. he's willing to negotiate at times :D

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