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  1. I've been using Advanced Nutrients brand to grow for a while now, but I can't afford their entire line of nutes. 1.Which are the most important besides the grow mix? 2.Please tell me anything u might recommend about using this brand. It seems like they are trying to get us to buy a whole lot of shit that kinda scares me to be using all at once. Thanx in advance dudes.
  2. I use this brand as well, I am on my first grow and I have been using the Senso Bloom A & B, B-52, Carboload (Powder), Sensizym, Bud Blood, Big Bud, and then to close the grow off, I am starting to use Overdrive, and FinalPhase. Now I dont know what my plants would look like with out these nutrients, but I baught them off Ebay, and found a companay that had free shipping, and I also got the Big Bud, Bud Blood, and carboload for free from them, I have enought for 3 more grows!

    I vegged them with Liquid Karma, as I wasnt really sure what I was doing and then read up a bit more and when I started to flower my 3 plants, I started with the nutrients.

    They have turned out good, you can take a look at my most recent pictures, http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/166164-update-ak-48-day-45-a.html
  3. I myself have used Advance Nutrients for my 2 grows so far....plants have turned out great with nice big buds, the first was Ak47 and Bubblegum (great strains for a beginner I think, they took a beatin cause I made considerable mistakes). These Nutes are strong and will pump your plant up, so be careful not to over feed like I did on my 2nd grow,(White Russian and Heavy Duty fruity) I had a lot of problems with the Fruity..I was too excited and tried to pump the plants with all types of Nutes from the Advance line ...and paid the price...the fruity didn't make it. VEG cycle I used the SENSI GROW, VOODOO JUICE and B-52 VITAMIN, flowering cycle I used SENSI BLOOM, CARBOLOAD (OVERDRIVE and BUD BLOOD for last few weeks)...I also had Revive "the fix me upper"...I had something called HyOx, but I don't think ADV Nutes carries it anymore it supposably gave the roots more air . Advance Nutes are not cheap but they have a nice line of all kinds of stuff and THE NUTES suppose to last up to 2 years or better "that what they say"
    I'm gonna start my 3rd grow soon but this time I'll go easy on the overdrive and Bud Blood.If you plan on using pay very close attention to you ph and Tds.
  4. I am using Sensi Grow A&B and Liquid Karma for Veg
    Sensi Bloom A&B and Big Bud for Flower

    I would just stick with the bloom version of whatever you have now.

  5. Dont you think that is over doing it? a bit?

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