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  1. i recently showed a pic of the plant i found in my front flower bed. i transplanted it yesterday. heres what i did you tell me if i did it correct.

    dug wide all around the plant, but when i pulled it out, it seemed as if there were hardly any roots. maybe 2-3" but was thick, the plant was growing great. but anyway i put it in a 8 oz cup of water until i made it to my destination. (30 minutes later) i dug 2x2 ft area, the i put the plant about 1 1/2 foot deep, and filled it up wtih potting soil and watered. n that matter of 30 minutes of driving it up to my spot, the top part of the plant began to lean, did i do anything wrong?
  2. If it collapsed it will have been due to root stress. Putting it in a cup of water was not a good idea.
    Well, it has 2 chances now.
  3. CAN i ask why you dug so far out around it and distrubed the soil ball away from the roots? I won't of took all the soil away from the plant. I would of left as much of the old soil that I could, because it must of been good soil for them to of grown. The second thing was you said you used potting soil. I found that with the seedlings that I used just black potting soil on did grow or the plant died shortly after it began to grow,
    A friend of mine told me that the black potting soil basicly sufficated my plants roots and that I needed to mix a secondary material in with the potting soil. Such things like compost, pealite, or dirt from your back yard.
    Good luck, but I think the plant may end up dying.
  4. I have to buy black peat based potting soil - I have no choice here.

    But I buy one that has horse manure added and I mix in some sand and volcanic rock to help it aerate better and to improve drainage.

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