About to trip balls.

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  1. I got some Morning Glory Seeds coming in either today or tomorrow so I about to take a trip. Im plaining on just eating them, i know they'll make me puke but my buddy said its worth it. I was wondering I anyone had any ideas about what to do while trippin. I've done shrooms a bunch and acid once but I've never done Morning Glories so I was wondering how different it was. :smoking:
  2. I thought you had to crush them up in water or somthing like that. Didn't know you could just eat them straight up. But have fun
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    LSA is LSA, water extraction is to help with nausea.
    OP, at least maybe put them in a noodle strainer and rinse them under water a little bit in case there are any pesticides on the outer shell and you have to have the seeds mashed or grinded unless you want to try to chew that many lol, your stomach acids won't be able to effectively break through the shells. Then you can mix it in your choice of beverage.

    OP: I recommend just finding a cool spot to chill and listen to music or something? (Boards of canada maybe?) How many are you taking?
    Feeling heaviness or cramps in the legs is not uncommon due to vasoconstriction, you probably won't have any visual distortions like that of shrooms, minor distortions. depending on the strain, dosage, potency of the batch expect euphoria and a good introspective mind fuck.
  4. Im gonna wash them and crush them up. My friend who did them said he had saw visuals but they were just colors and patterens. When I eat shrooms i walk around campus because its pretty at night. I like to look at fountains and lights and shit, so do you think I wont be able to walk aorund?

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