About to toke on this on the way to gamestop

Discussion in 'General' started by noOriginality, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. What's everyone up to today?

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  2. Still sitting here on my porch. Waiting for the fucking mail-man.. I need my mail sonn.. Other than that just relaxing. About to smoke and walk to the store for some American Spirits and some cheez-its.. Then be lazy until I help my neighbor build a deck.
  3. don't forget your spaghetti
  4. Lucky you.. I'm sitting on my ass.. Dry.. And nothing to do till school starts in a couple weeks. I have money if I wanted to buy some herb but it doesn't feel right if I'm just sitting on my ass all day doing nothing.
  5. About to blaze my first bowl of the day, playing battlefield while watching Jerry springer. Dying for my woman to come home, jerking it is too much work.
  6. baked... just dropped my friend off at his college orientation. oh and i found sound bud on the ground this morning while i was skating
  7. Woke up smoked a bong after brushing my teeth (that minty aftertaste ). At my parents now, work later. Going to the bars tonight!
  8. Waiting until 2 to get smoke a few bowls.

    Bowly bowly bowly.

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