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Discussion in 'General' started by skaman, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. So I picked up around 500 seeds of morning glory "Heavenly Blue". I am curious as to other peoples experiences with these. I am pretty sure my trip is going to be great if I respect the drug I am using and keep a happy mind. This will be my first trip of any kind besides DXM(which sucked). I am excited about tripping and was wondering if anyone wanted to offer me any suggestions?
  2. Damn dude just by a dime bag. From what I have read on here
    1. They don't work
    2. They make your stomach feel awful
    3. 50/50 shot you end up puking
  3. I KNOW they work from numerous people, I have bud but morning glory is a new experience.
    I don't mind puking either, sorta like it :confused:

  4. youre fuckin wierd....
  5. I know man.
  6. Lololol. I think you might be the only person I have EVER heard say they kind of like puking. I personally HATE it.
  7. take atleast 4 packets if you wanna trip, make sure you have bud because it will suck if you don't. and expect your stomach to hurt for like the first 2 hours.
    also grind the seeds up really good
  8. take around 300 seeds.
  9. is morning glory legal? how many seeds you eat to trip? sorry for stealin ur thread OP lol
  10. Yeh they are legal, pick them up at any place you know that sells gardening shit. Im personally going to eat 8packs 12grams.
  11. If you havent eaten them yet, i reccomend you grind them into a powder and let them soak in water for an hour, then comsume the mush and water.

    And primetime, don't go hating on something you obviously know very little about.
  12. this is the first ive heard of this shit,,,, and i grow '' morning glory... along beside '' moonflower''............ you tellin me this seed will give you a trippy high ?

    the '' little black seed''? right ? looks like a apple seed,, with a slice missing,?

    just want to make sure we are on the same page,,, as far as the seed your talkin about ?

    damn if this is true,,, i may eat a handfull myself,,,,,

    let me know how the buzz,, went,,,,,,, ???????????

    ill definatly eat some in the future,,, i got a brown '' ( quart beer bag'') full of seeds,,,, [​IMG]
  13. Extract the LSA.
    Or else you WILL puke.

  14. :smoke: I want to know how his trip goes now.

  15. pretty much, i dont know how many grams 500 seeds is, but you need like a half ounce at least to actually have a trip. the last time i tried MG was when i attempted a half ounce. i just had the shittiest feeling in my stomach and was sweating my balls off for a half hour than finnally puked. it SUUUUUUUCKKKEDDDDDD to put it lightly. i would just forget about that stuff.

  16. qft

    and the high is not the great
  17. go buy some acid
  18. you can extract the lsa rather easily, there's instructions on erowid. It would be much better than eating all those seeds.

    I wouldn't eat it on an empty stomach, that's all . I would eat like apple sauce or something with it, and drink some alcohol to help the absorbtion.
  19. So how did it go skaman? did it work? Did you puke?
  20. i think he died. lol.
    op, where are you?

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