about to take some 2C-B

Discussion in 'General' started by High I'm Chris, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. I'm really debating this since it will most likely be the first time I actually trip on something. Never really ate enough boomers to feel the full effect. Problem is I have 25mg which is a decently high dose (if my research is correct), and i'm going to be alone. Anyone think I should hold of on this. I just got out of court, settled my DUI and now I'm ready to chill. Can someone give me some insight on whether I'm gonna be freaking out alone at home with my parents. Cause thats not really what i want to be honest :hello:
  2. Erowid that shit?

    You gotta be sure your head is straight before you do that alone.
  3. Yeah i've read almost every experience on there.. think I'm gonna hold off till I'm with some good buddies. Thanks for the response though, too bad almost none of my friends that go to school here would even consider trying it with me.

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