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about to take 6 gravity hits

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cobraclone, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Yeah this is my 100th post so what the shit, each pack will be .3, 3 different strands of mids, and 3 different strands of some dank, all is grinded together to make a sweet cocktail of reefer...................:cool:..............these will be back to back with no break, I will post with results.........................:eek:........should be nice and baked, and gasping for air.........

    Oh by the way I have taken alot more then 6 in a row..............this is for shits and giggles:D
  2. have fun dude. :smoke:
  3. Goodnight
  4. and go.....................:smoke:
  5. yeah I've done this before, you get totally fucked up, it's a great high
  6. Well I am done and feeling floated, I think coughing really does get u high"got to cough to get off" and that is all folks I am now very baked and the high is great :cool: I used a clean 2L, have u all ever noticed on a clean bottle when the res first starts to cling to the side, its crazy looking...........:eek:like some kind of plant from the sea or some shit
  7. I remember once doing gravity hits out of a cauldron at a Halloween party.

    Those were the days! :D
  8. YO. you just gave me an idea for the end of the month! thats fucking badass.
  9. I expect an invite. LOL.
  10. Strains not strands, and ya you will be lit haha. Have a fun passout session.
  11. my records 23 gee bees, but uh after the 10th, it is impossible to pull your own. You pretty much need someone to manually open your mouth. 1-3 would absolutely kill me now, but back in my prime I was all about the geebster.

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