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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Liquid Mind, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm about to start building my growplace. I plan on making it simple and as we just so happen to have tons of cardboard to use, that will be the material of choice.

    Each cardboard is already rather big and formed like a box, so I intend to stack a couple of them on top of each other and duct tape it all so it'l be able to hold its own. (Plenty of duct tape!) I've seen a few people using cardboard and various other things so I figured I'll try.

    However, here comes the main questions, I want to buy an ozone generator that will allow me to be more flexibile with vents and fans. I only intend to grow one plant to begin with, and then perhaps two next time around, but since it's my first I'll tread carefully to begin with.

    Do you reckon it would work to have this box, probably averaging around 1 and a half meter if not taller, and probably just as wide. Then hook it up with some PC fans and intake holes for circulation, with the Ozone generator in the main room?

    I already have 250W light, and the seeds (White Widow & some others I got for free) and I'm hoping for the blessing from grasscity before I start this.

    So, would it work? Any tips or suggestions? I'd love to hear what some experienced growers would think of it.

    I don't have the most money available, so hence I decided to go about it this way.
  2. computer fans wont circulate an area that large.

    i dont see the need in your spending your money on an ozone generator if your having such a simple of a grow as cardboard boxes tapes together.

    Paint the inside walls of the cardboard white.
  3. Well, I do need to keep the smell to a minimum. It seemed like the best solution money wise as large computer fans are much cheaper than the average fan that is sold in grow shops here.

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