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  1. I have a nice little spot in the back of my house. It's surrounded by brush and plants about 7-8 ft tall. I hacked out a circle in the middle of all of this so I'm completely surrounded by brush. I'm growing about 5 plants overall.


    1. Is the best method to germ seeds to put them in warm water overnight?
    2. Is it okay to use soil I have in my backyard for the pots/transplanting into the ground?
    3. How deep should the seeds go into the pot? Maybe a couple inches?
    4. How frequently should I water my plants (assuming it doesn't rain that day).
  2. haha sorry dude i know the feeling. sometimes it takes awhile for some post to get answers. your best bet is to read the stickies first.

    sounds like you got a pretty perfect set up just make sure that surrounding brush isnt so tall the plants wont get any light.as for your questions:

    1-the method i use to germ is take about 4 paper towels and wet them down pretty good- not dripping but pretty wet- fold them up and put the seeds in them, put them in a tuberware container . leave them in a dark room tempature (or alittle warmer, but not hot!) place. check them about every 8 hrs or so to see if their pushin out that tap root and make sure the towels are wet. when they do put them in the dirt! check my grow in my signature i just did this.

    2- as far as soil thats not somethin i know too much about. thers afew good brands like Fox Farms that you should look into. weed likes a slightly acidic soil PH. depending on what you have in your yard you should be ok i guess. hard for me to make that call for you.

    3- put them about an inch below the surface. make sure you put the tap root down

    4- water them when the you can stick your finger in the dirt to the first didget and it comes out feeling dry. once your plants get a little bigger some people let them go a day or so longer between water so the roots grow in search of it, making the root system stronger.

    hope this is a good start to answering your questions but seriously go the the beginners and outdoor section and read the stickies at the top. you'll learn alot!
  3. Yeah, I've read a lot at the begg. section and outdoor section. These were just some questions I wanted to be sure on.

    One thing I'm still not sure about, after I germ them, why would I put the root facing downwards? I thought I would want it facing up so it would grow out of the pot...

  4. You want the plant to grow out of the pot. The roots will need to stay in the soil, if possible.
  5. ^^^exactly what dank said

    what pops out of the seed is the beginning of the roots, they need to grow down into the dirt.
  6. Do your self a favor and don't try to reinvent the wheel if you're a newcomer. Find a technique in the stickies or in a journal and emulate that technique as much as possible. There is info about the early growth period, including soil recipes and watering info in the link in my sig. You should check it out.
  7. Maybe it's because I'm super baked and not really thinking, but I planned on putting whatever came out of the seed facing upwards. Good thing I asked that question....
  8. "Maybe it's because I'm super baked and not really thinking"

    happens to all of us dude dont sweat it.:smoking:

    if it gets put in the wrong way im pretty sure it'll usually fix itself ( i mean before humans cultivated cannabis you think EVERY seed landed perfectly in the ground? ) but it will slow down the growth because the seed has to get the root oriented the right way. just remember, little white thing that comes out first= root...and roots go in the ground.;)
  9. Haha simple enough, thanks man!
    Any other advice is great...
    So far I'm most likely using small pots and eventually transplanting into 2-3 gallon jugs, or possibly the ground. I'll worry about nutes and anything else besides soil, the sunlight it's getting, and watering later.

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