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About to start growing (medicinally of course)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TCHOIC, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. 250 Watts Homebox XS Grow Set, 288,00 €

    This is the grow tent, and system i plan on buying.

    Any other equipment I should require for an effective grow?
    i live in an apartment, so will the carbon filter shown on the website be sufficient?

    im growing organic fyi, so what kind of soil and fertilizer would you recommend?

    Since im a noob, im strictly growing autoflower femmed seeds, so is there any maintence issues i should worry about?
  2. Im glad your choosing to grow organic first of all and a carbon filter SHOULD be enough. If not look into ONA. Dont forget to keep negative pressure flowering and, just recently I found something sold at a store called trader joes called a cinnamon broom. Its exactly what you think it is and it REEKS. That should help cover up the smell as well if you get one.

    As for soil I would start out with pre mixed soils like Roots Organic or Fox farms Ocean Forrest soil. If you do use the latter (I cant speak for the former) dont forget to DILUTE your soil with other things like perlite or vermicuilite or topsoil such as I did. It is too hot for seedlings. Look into air bubblers and airstones for AACT's and stock up on EWC alfalfa meal, blackstrap unsulphured mollasses.. the works. Good Luck!

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