About to start flowering.

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  1. My girls are about to start flowering. I'd say another 3 weeks, maybe 2.5. The problem is, they aren't very bushy They have about 9 steps, so they're tall for vegging for only 2 months so far (around 15 inches to 19 inches), and there's 9, so I'm sure I'll get enough bud off of them. BUT, seeing as they don't have many branches, and branches determine the 'bud spots' if I'm not mistaken, what will happen once they start their 12/12 cycle? will they naturally grow more bud spots and branches? I'm not worried, just concerned. I'd like to know if there anything wrong, for I'm planning a second grow already.
  2. once they are in the flowering stage they will start growing alot more in order to produce the buds, so im guessing yes they will grow and you will probably get a good amount if you have 2 1/2 - 3 weeks of growing till you hit the flowering stage
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    sick! I'm excited to see how they grow :)

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