About to start flower and want any ideas about process.

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  1. So for stats...
    4'x33"x~5' grow tent, 22 3 gallon grow bags filled with about two gallons of a mix of 707 aurora and fox farm coco loco, mars hydro 192 x 5w reflector and 300w galaxyhydro dimmable "seven band" led fixtures.

    Girls are about 8" to 18" tall. The taller ones are under the Marshydro and generally have an even canopy. I have trimmed the bottoms below the canopy. My idea is to environmental scrog by packing them in so tight. I amended the the soil for one gallon bags with an even 3-3-3 general organic dry nutrient and then amended the transplant soil into the 3 gal grow bag with 2-4-3 dry organic nutrient.

    At the moment I have a compost tea brewing for when the lights go up that has organic unsulfured molasses, alaska fish fert 5-1-1 and 0-10-10, fox farm microbe brew slightly expired, and earth juice micro nuts.

    I used up some of a sampler pack of david's grow(humic acid, fulvic acid, soluble silicate, root roids are gone) and I have the 3 part salt fert left. I was going to add the bloom combo to the tea right before I feed when the lights go up.

    I also have some old age organics kelp solution I was thinking for foliar feed. before buds really set in.

    Already have a system for co2 saturation using cheap sugar and cheap bakers yeast.

    So with all that said, I'm working out the bugs of my setup with the regular old Afghani strain and my musings are as follows...

    1. Is there a better nutrient(preferably dry, bio-available, organic, and water soluble) to pack on bud weight?
    2. Is pinching the taller growing tops gonna be the best way to keep the canopy even?
    3. Is pinching the bud sites going to be the best way to increase weight? Where should I pinch? When should I pinch them?
    4. I was using yellow sticky paper to catch fungus gnats but now I'm moving to coating coated paper with mineral oil and covering the sides of the bags and the top of the soil to catch those m-efers That seems to work, but now I'm concerned about white fly larvae and white fly's laying their shit on my leaves. Other than brushing off the leaves once or twice a week, is there any passive method to stopping these damn things? I have read about neem oil in the watering and when I foliar feed having a positive effect.
    5. When I hit about 10 days into flower, I'm gonna take all tops that are not getting light, is that a good time since the first tow weeks are generally the stretch period? and when would be the best time(light/dark cyle) to take those tops for cloning success? Also wondering about the environment for those clones. I have a humidy dome for a 72 cell seed tray. Gonna use rooting gel. Should I just let them sit for a week under the dome with a heat mat under the tray. Should I feed with the kelp solution? What about light/dark cycles?
    6. Does taking 3rd generation clones affect anything about the tops that are cloned?

    Thanks for the input. I must admit the girls are looking fkin sweet!
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