About to start first grow, have i researched correctly?

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  1. I have decided to do a grow where i will use CFL lighting and LST on 1-4 plants, depending on how many turn out female. I have made a grow box that is approx 5l x 3.5w x 3h . The lights i am going to use are 60w, (not equivalent- actual output, the very large ones). However, most things ive read has said to use around 4 23 watt cfls per plant, obviously talking about the smaller ones. So I'm a little confused on how many i would use of the larger variety. Would 8-10 be too many, or not enough? I was going to get 4 or 5 2700k and 4 or 5 6500k and use them all at the same time, but wanted advice on it before i put any money into lights. For medium, i have organic soil i was going to mix with some coconut husk or peat moss. and nutrients i have not picked out a brand,(can any one recommend good ones?) but i think i need to dilute it to about 1/4 strength, with every 2-3 watering/feedings correct? and i use just straight water until the plant gets 8 sets of leaves? Would a 4 inch carbon canister+fan take care of the smell? Ive done quite a bit of research over the past month or so, but it seems there is alot of conflicting stuff and i want everything to go smoothly. Any tips i should know, and is there anything im doing wrong or should change before i buy the bulk of the expensive equipment? i know a HPS+MH would be better, but i am concerned about heat, etc.
  2. Cfls keep a couple inches from your gals. They arent the best penetration wise so must keep on it and adjust accordingly. Make sure you rig it so you can adjust... If you make an organic living soil you dont have to add anything. Just water.

    If you decide on bottled nutes, pick your poison. There is so many companies to choose from

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  3. You can't flower with too much light so the more you can stuff in there, especially with CFLs, the better your grow will be. CFLs will flower a plant but are not the optimum light source to produce those heavy dense juicy buds we all try so desperately to grow. If you don't put in enough CFLs....and you need a lot, the buds will be arid and spindly because this light source just doesn't work as well as hps or LEDs. But it will produce something to smoke. Start with the CFLs and then be thinking about upgrading your flowering lighting in the future. TWW
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  4. Thanks to both of you guys. I however decided to buy a grow tent that is 48x48x80 and use the MH+HPS combo with an air coooled hood, as everyone has told me that is the way to go and it actually is almost the same price as the CFL. Would 400w be alright for the tent, or should i get a 600w?
  5. With a 4×4 you'd want 600-1000w
  6. Alright. im going to order my stuff sometime next week. Gonna go for the 600w. Thanks for all the help everyone, we will probably be pretty well aquainted in the next 6 months or so lol
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