About to sneak out and smoke, ANY TIPS?

Discussion in 'General' started by IAmHigh420, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. im about to sneak out my window and bake down. any opinions? "If it aint loud my niggga then dont pass that shit"
  2. Don't sneak out the window casually walk out the front or back door and say you are goin on a walk to clear you head and you will be back in twenty. Spray cologne pop a breath mint and call it wonderful
  3. Sneaking out makes me so paranoid. When I come back in I'm always worried my parents will be sitting on the bed "hello Austin, where have you been mister"
  4. That's why you act casual and just tell them I'm leaving for a walk be back in twenty and boom problem solved
  5. tips? blaze with the parents or cop ya own place.
  6. The going for a walk idea is pretty good, it depends on your parents though. Otherwise just do your thang, and be quite while doing it lol. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. You're just heading down to the store to grab a Monster.
  8. Don't say or do anything you don't normally do b4 you sneak out. You should be good unless you have that overbearing mom that's always checking on you...
  9. Act casualIf you really believe the don't notice they won't. Sometimes I wouldn't even spray or use a breathmint back then.
  10. Unless you often just "go for walks" saying you're going for a walk will get you caught before you even walk out the door.
    no one just often "goes for walks" in the middle of the night.
    you guys fucking crazy?
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    Guilty as charged but I used to when I was at home wit mom and dad idk I'm from a small town though so it wasn't like I could find trouble around the corner like it is today
  12. Just tell them you're going outside to whack off to see if your sperm will freeze in mid-air. Parents love having little scientists and doctors as kids more than anything else. 
  13. Don't get caught. Ha, had to say it.
    Be very slow to stay quiet,  make sure not to lock yourself out, bring some kind of spray and don't over do it, have a halfway reasonable excuse already thought out if possible, and don't stay out too long.

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