About to Smoke This Bowl...Whose with me?

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Exactly what I said after this thread is posted I will be smoking who is joining me? Watching some Breaking Bad and chilling with ma blades while I do it. What ya'll up to?
  2. breakin bad rules!
  3. gonna smoke some dank on my balcony while my bitchass mother is asleep. then I'm gonna watch television with my hand down my pants.
  4. Just got back from a night of drinking smoking and bad decisions lol, i always love to come home to my trusty bubbler, blazing a bowl while i write this...it kinda took me a while to finishing writting this aha
  5. me dude.......
  6. I'm back one bowl later and one Breaking Bad episode later. I feeling a lot more mellow right now.

    What's your bubbler look like punish1?
  7. Been out since Christmas :( Hopefully this summer I'll be able to start buying again.
  8. ^Santa did not come through.
  9. Just got in from blazing with some friends, think I might take a few snaps and watch some south park lol.
  10. Fuck dat guy.
  11. I haven't smoked bowls since right around high school, or if someone hands me one. I only smoke out of Bongs and Vaporizers. It saves me money and is the funnest better tasting way to smoke. It makes zero sense for me to do it any other way unless I am going for discrete.
  12. ill smoke a bowl than ill beat my meat

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