About To Smoke, Need New Activities

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Physiquelabs, May 29, 2013.

  1. About to smoke a nice fat joint at home, give me some new interesting & fun things to do :)

  2. Im Trying to think of something no stoners ever done before..... Maybe you could masturbate, then eat pizza while you watch cartoons?
  3. If you need suggestions on what to do you aren't smoking the right stuff. haha.
    But for real, you could try and do something new that you haven't done before when buzzed. Nearby we have a pretty kick-ass nickel arcade that serves drinks and has every old-school game you could think of. Maybe there is something similar in your area.
    I love going to the park and reading or listening to music, depending on the weather.
    Depending on your comfort level, you could try out some new restuarants. Instead of staying in you could go to the movies.
    Video-games are always a good idea.
    Much of an artist? Try drawing, tracing or even coloring out some shit. You would be surprised at how much fun it can be.
    Solid response to the question :)  I'm going to be getting into liquid hash eCig's so public smoking would be feasible.  I like the idea of a walk in the park with music and my eCig :smoking:
  5. make pancakes and put your favorite cereal in it!
    i just made peanutbutter crunch pancakes!!! BOOOOMB
  6. my faves are going to play 8-ball pool with the homies while listening to Jay-Z or something alike and drawing
  7. Literally only something a stoned will do! Hahah
    Sounds fantastic by the way!
  8. get laid , eat and my personal fav is if you can nearby go play some pinball
    pinball stoned is amazing

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