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About to smoke in the shower for the first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ra1nMan, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. #1 Ra1nMan, Dec 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2010
    I got some previous knowledge, kinda. I know you should turn the heat up all the way on the shower to get the bathroom steamy, and have a towel by the door? these two should somehow mask the smell?

    and i am just trying to be safe, but i am lucky to have a window right above the shower where i can exhale the smoke. then after id spray everything with axe or cologne not everything but just a good amount.

    anything else id need to do? want this 2 go well and so i can do it again

    keep in mind i am a freshman in college and im back home for winter break, at my house and i dont want my parents catching me smokin the ganja
  2. i guess make sure you blow all the smoke out the window u shuld be fine..? and the towel..
    wat are u using?
  3. smoking out of an altoid tin pipe actually
  4. haha.. that doesnt sound harsh at all?

    i think ul be fine

    or dont smoke if they dont approve
  5. just making sure. and its not aluminum tin is fine to smoke out of. ok im just going for it
  6. post back with results... cuz im dying to knwo!@!@!@!@
  7. Showers always kill my high.
  8. Bring a sandwich. Nothing better than a sandwich in the shower

  9. Haha Classic..
  10. me too...and i try so hard to not think about it so it doesnt happen but it always does to some extent :(
  11. First time I smoked in the shower I used a joint instead of a pipe, stupid me, and I didn't use a sploof or blow it out the window. 10 minutes later when my mom got up from her nap she knocked on the door and I knew my life was over lol. Ended up getting in a ton of shit and couldn't smoke for a long time after that. So make sure you blow it out the window and for added safety use a sploof!
  12. Check your local headshops for a cheap glass spoon. The shop around here sells them for $10 at the cheapest, and they stand up to a good amount of use :smoke:
  13. id buy an acrylic bong (acrylic in case you parents try to smash it), because bongs smell less when you smoke them. also turning up the heat and using a towel will mask the smell, but when you're done shut the door and leave your bathroom fan on, and within the hour the smell should be gone. happy toking!!
  14. how do bongs smell less? that makes no sense at all man..

    but id suggest packing your piece hit by hit that way there is minimal extraneous smoke coming from the piece when u arent inhaling on it
  15. Being high in the shower is fucking awesome. I sing my favorite songs, usually firework or fly like a g6 :p(I'm high why not).
  16. If you have a window and your parents wont ask questions if your shower is a little long, just turn the shower on hot but don't get in. Let it get nice and steamy and then smoke as normal using a sploof to exhale the smoke out the open window.

    The smell of your cleaning products will mask everything, not to mention just smoking in a room with an open window with a sploof is a great way of stealth smoking by itself.

    I have been doing this in a room with NO window for the past week and not had any issues, just make sure the fan in the bathroom is on too.
  17. Don't do it unless you have a vent in the ceiling...

  18. I thought it was only me, but yeah, showers completely kill my high, too!
  19. Loooooove high showers.
  20. make a grav sir

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