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About to smoke in my room (oppinions please)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Civico, May 4, 2011.

  1. Basically, im gonna light up my new bong :D (first time smoking a bong too) in my room, with half of my body out the window, with the bong, its completely dark outside, and my window is facing the backyard, will the smell find its way in my room anyways?

    Thanks in advance for your help :smoke:
  2. I'm going to need to see the blueprints of your house to answer.
  3. Blow the smoke up up and away, or use a sploof
  4. I'd probably just go outside.
  5. Light some candles and blow through a sploof. If they say anything, blame it on a skunk.
  6. If you all the way outside it shouldnt blow back in..but if theres any wind it will.

    Goodluck man, just go for it and spray shit you'll be fine.
  7. if i go outside, i will probably wake someone up, since i have to turn off the alarm system... Im unsure now, i really dont wanna get caught, i dont live with my parents, i recently moved out of my home-country, but i moved in with my aunt, who is still family : /
  8. Lol your good. I do that shit all the time. If you have a fan, turn it on and face it towards te window so it pushes whatever smoke trying to come in back out.

    Funny thing is I do it at my aunts house too lmao
  9. sit on the windowsill with your legs hanging out... unless you're really high up
  10. good to hear that man, that comforts me, perhaps i will give it a shot, thanks :smoke:
  11. bong smoke dissperses pretty quick anyway so if you in a fairly well secured room then go for it
  12. If your worried about your parents or something smelling it, I would just go out side. Or just buy some incense.
  13. it really depends on the air flow and wind. open the window an light a lighter outside. the flame should go either left or right. make sure you exhale in that direction so the wind carries the smoke away from you window.

    more than likely some smoke/smell will make its way into your room regardless of the wind but it does help.
  14. #14 Infamousnj69, May 4, 2011
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    No problem. But yeah, my room never smells after. Don't let an alarm system stop you from getting high!!!
  15. If youre already hanging halfway out the window, and youre on the first floor, why not just jump all the way outside?

    Its not that hard to climb in/out of a window..
  16. You'll be fine. Just use a sploof ( toilet paper tube with dryer sheets in it)
    If you can use one just try to get as much smoke possible out the window and spray some febreez or some shit. But if it is all outside it shouldn't get in any other rooms.
  17. Sploof, incense, candle, small fan pointing towards the window = simplest.
  18. dude im a pro at smoking in my room, i do it almost every night with my parents in the room beside me. ok put a towel or a shirt to cover the bottom of your door, if you have a fan, turn it on after your done smoking (do not have it on while your smoking because people could walk in you would be unprepared, when the bong piece is smoking try to have it out your window act like you went to bed so they probably wont disturb you. Then you should be able to do this

  19. blow the smoke up so it won't come back in your room. Light some candles, turn a fan on, leave the window open, and maybe spray a few squirts of febreze or something like that. Make sure you don't spray too much because then it will be obvious you're trying to cover up something.
  20. my room is on the 2nd floor, thats why my body would be hanging out the window, im not stupid like that :p

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