About To Smoke, But...

Discussion in 'General' started by spillee86, May 19, 2013.

  1. ...I don't know what to do.
    Nobody is online. GC is a little dry right now while we're going through the changes. And I've got a whole load of music I've got lined up that I wanna listen to (I literally refuse to do anything else when I'm alone and high).
    BUT yeah. With nobody to chat to me to keep me going while I'm gettin' ma groooooooove on, I'm just gonna end up sitting here doing FUCK ALL while monging out to music.
    Which is sorta cool but like, I want something to do at the same time. 
    Any websites or anything that are cool to go on when high and doing nothing else?

    (No suggestions to watch YouTube or movies or whatever because I really wanna get on this MUZAK babehhhhh!!!!!)
  2. This thread is all wrong. The title, it kills me. Drop the 'but' dude.
    About to smoke. End of story.
    Go smoke, listen to music. Enjoy yourself. No buts about it.
  3. You know what Toasty. I've never had so much virtual sense slapped into me.

    I'm on this!!!!!!!!

    Back in 10...
  4. I've just realised, while smoking, that I don't NEED anyone to have a conversation with, because I just end up chatting to myself stoned anyway.

    Like, I was just telling myself a preeeeeeetty funny story about elephants.

    HAHA. Elephants.

    They're weeeeird in'they?
    You've inspired me, dude. Virtual sense slapped into all. May everyone go out and smoke now, no buts about anything.
  6. Beat your meat that's always a plus while high
  7. So, are you high already?
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  10. I will join you, now that it seems you've got the situation figured out ;) I personally love just looking at new music videos on youtube. 
  11. Getting high by myself and listening to music that I wanna listen to is one of my favourite things to do! I love it. Because then no one wants to change the track or listen to something else... I call the shots :smoke:
    What are you listening to OP? Share it with me :)
  12. eh, skrillex isnt my cup of tea.  except that one song about sprites.
    theres a pretty cool tower defense game called xeno tactic.  always keeps me busy.
    you could always hit up spongebob and ride a bike, but thats a whole nother story.  loool
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    If I feel like sitting on the computer and don't feel like playing any real games I'll play flash games at Armor Games. Shell Shock(multiplayer/chat), tower defense, etc.
    Sometimes with music....sometimes without.
  14. www.weavesilk.com

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