About to sell my ps3....

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by 401s Freshest, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. About to go to gamestop and let them rape me on a cash trade for my ps3 and a couple games. :(:(

    I need money to buy tires on my car and new turbo. This sucks b/c I still use it frequently, my car turbo just kind of shit the bed randomly and I wasnt financially ready for it. And i NEED new tires asap so thats just the cherry on top right there.

    Going to try to buy another ps3 on black friday in November. I hate being in this position, anyone else been raped by gamestop before?
  2. Sell it on Ebay. You will get much more for it. It really isn't that complicated.
  3. I would Craigslist that shit before Game stop. They'll give you $100 then turn around and sell it for 200 the next day.
  4. 104 dollars later I now have just enough for tires. My tires are fucked, like Im afraid they will blow out if I wait any longer so I didnt have time for ebay. I tired craigslist a few days ago but nothing except some guy trying to scam me.
  5. sold my ps3 250 GB for 150$. spent it all on drugs. atleast your getting something useful

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