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about to make brownies?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kush smoker, May 26, 2010.

  1. i got 8.5 grams of stems and fire shake saved up, my friend has got some too and is comin over... do i grind all of this up and then proceed the butter process and all that? advice please:smoking: im 2 blunts deep jus got outa long day of school excuse my dumb ness
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    What I recommend is to use oil as opposed to butter. Butter will burn too fast. Use oil and let it simmer at a low temperature. Wait for the oil to turn dark and use a strainer to remove the weed.

    Be prepared for a smelly kitchen!
  3. He said that he just got out of school, aka he went. Learn to read lmfao :)

    Just make the butter
  4. [quote name='ampeddd']He said that he just got out of school, aka he went. Learn to read lmfao :)

    Just make the butter[/QUOTE

    Correct! Which is why I edited my post. Thanks!
  5. You'll need two pots of different sizes. Pour some water in the larger one and put butter in the small one. Now put the pots small inside the larger one and You're ready to melt down the butter.
    After the butter has melted, add pot in the amount of Your desire. Remember, the more pot You add to the mixture, the stronger the cookies will become ;)
    (Proportions example: 1 ounce of pot to 6-7 sticks of butter)
    Simmer the mixture for about 25 min and remember to stir it every few minutes.
    Give it a few minutes to cool down a bit and then strain out the butter into deep plate or a bowl.
    Squeeze all the juice out of it and put aside to cool down.
    Once cooled to room temperature put in fridge for few hours to coagulate.

    The first step in cooking magical cannabis-laced foods is extracting the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, and many many more) from the plant matter, usually in a oil/fat/butter-based solution, since the cannabinoids do not readily dissolve in water. My best FOAF has a method for doing this that he has not seen mention of in this forum. He got it from a little book called _The Art and Science of Cooking with Cannabis_, by Adam Gottlieb, orignally published in 1974. Gottlieb calls the product of the extraction `CANNABUTTER'.

    The procedure is actually very simple. He brings a pot of water to a rolling boil, then puts a small amount of butter in the water. Quickly, the butter melts, and mixes in with the water because the whole mixture is at a rolling boil.

    Then he puts the grass in and boils it. (Of course, he separates all the seeds first so he can plant them in the nearby park.) Now all the grass is riling around with the water and butter, and get this: The cannabinoids dissolve into the butter, while most of the nasty flavors and gook dissolve into the water. He stirs the stuff regularly. After cooking the grass like this for a while (say, half an hour), his kitchen really smells incriminating. He strains out the spent plant matter, squeezes all the juice out of it, and puts the liquid in the fridge.

    A few hours later, the mixture is cool enough that the cannabutter has solidified on the surface. It looks kind of scummy, but its just enchanted butter. He scoops it out and retains it in a bowl or a jar. The grass-nasty water is thrown out.

    Although this method takes longer than the usual saute-n-strain method, it has several advantages:

    As explained above, the nasty shit is separated and removed from the fun shit.
    You can make stronger cannabutter than by saute-ing, because you can cook more grass in the same amount of butter, due to the extra volume of the water.
    There is no danger of burning the precious, price-inflated, hard and dangerous to obtain herb, as there is when you saute, because the water keeps the whole mixture at boiling temperature!

  6. it was a success they are made, i ate one and feelin a lil spun off so it must be done right! hershey triple chocloate fire!
  7. i hope that you licked the bowls and spatula after!!! that is the best part of it!!!

    i see you are in South Florida, where at? My friends and i are going to Miami for vacation and we will be looking for trees..........;)

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