About to Have Sex With Girlfriend for First Time Last Night

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  1. It was unexpected as I got locked out of my house and she let me stay over at her place. I didn't have condoms and when I asked her if she did she told me that she never really used condoms and just had guys pull out. Now, she hasn't been with a lot of guys, but I was just really taken aback by this. Like, why would you not make every dude you sleep with wear a condom. I don't know, but I am not ready for a little me running around in this world. Plus the STD issue. Anyways, sex was not had because I was not cool with pulling out. I'm not really asking for advice or anything, more just confused and a little weirded out. Anyone else have weird birth control stories? It just sorta baffles me that people are so whatever about using protection

  2. There's plenty of chicks running around fucking without condoms dude. I always wear one since I damn sure ain't trying to have my money ate up at this point in my life.
  3. Mmmm, an evening of fun or the possibility of a life time of dealing with an STD....
    Sounds to me like you made the logical choice. 
  4. Good choice. Protect yourself. While pulling out can be fairly reliable for contraception SO LONG AS  you are absolutely sure of your willpower to actually do so correctly, it does nothing for STDs.
    Next time I highly suggest oral sex for when no condoms are available (at least until both of you get tested. If you're in a serious relationship you should be tested). You're very, extremely, incredibly unlikely to catch anything orally that can't be fixed with a couple pills.
    Precum kind of eliminates pulling out as an effective option, I mean it's probably better than not doing so, but relying on that only is not a smart plan.
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    Precum doesn't usually contain much viable sperm. It's a bit of a fallacy. Precum fluid and sperm come from two different organs in the body. Sperm from the Testes, and precum, from a gland much farther forward in the reproductive tract. When sperm are present in precum, they're left over from previous ejaculations. Bad quality. Not many of them. Not super likely to cause pregnancy. Usually the pull out method fails because the male cannot pull out in time. This especially characteristic of young, inexperienced men.
  7. Get it filled up man.
    Nah real talk, you're sensible as fuck.
  8. Arent stds uncommon? Or am I just lucky? From age 15 to now 19, ive had over 30 girls, and have used a condom 3 times ever.
    as of twp weeks ago, health department says I'm std free.
    Condoms suck. You passed raw sex with a girl you claim to love?

    Killing me, OP. Come on man.
  9. Health department mixed up your paper work your drowning in STD's bro. That shits nasty.
  10. ive had ganorrea/clahmedia before, both have a cure.  STDS arent a big deal, i know many many people that have had.  I took a few pills, and im fine. HIV/AIDS and your fucked brah.  In the past ive been with 50+ women without condoms and im fine,  but i have a friend that always had used protection and he caught HIV.

    the point im trying to say is use protection. stay on point, keep condoms 247 on you.

    When you sleep with someone remember your sleeping with everyone they have!
    A 2011 study actually found that out of 27 men (a small sample size, granted), 37% produced precum that contained "a reasonable proportion" of active sperm. The more important part is that the men who had sperm in their precum had it in every sample, while the rest didn't have it in any samples. 
    "Hence, condoms should continue to be used from the first moment of genital contact, although it may be that some men, less likely to leak spermatozoa in their pre-ejaculatory fluid, are able to practice coitus interruptus more successfully than others.
  12. 27 men is not a study, and what is a reasonable portion? And what shape were they in? These are all important to consider. There could be excessive sperm, if they're not mobile, it doesn't matter.
    I'm no expert on the matter, but Wikipedia mentions several studies concluding no sperm was present ranging in sample size from 4 to 23, so that doesn't seem any more reliable. It also mentions those samples not being tested until over 2 minutes later meaning the sample has had a chance to dry and making 'examination and evaluation "extremely difficult."'
    The difference in the study I linked to is that the samples were tested within 2 minutes of being collected. 
    The 37% figure I quoted were samples with mobile sperm, though you're right, I don't know how much a "reasonable proportion" is. You have to pay to access the full text of the study.  :unsure:
    I just think it's reason enough to not trust that pre-cum definitely can't get you pregnant as long as you don't have leftover ejaculate in your sperm shooter. :p 
  14. if i'm in a relationship them noooo condoms! im on the pill and i aint scared to swallow so theres no reason for em. it saves money and i don't like em, it takes away from it, i like feeling of an actually penis in me, not latex. now if its someone i'm not in a relationship then a condom must be worn

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  15. Basicly what chick above is trying to say OP is Fuck Condoms. And I agree with her. Condoms are lame :/
  16. You made the right decision OP. Just because you pull out doesn't mean she won't get pregnant. What with that whole pre-cum situation.
  17. Ive had too many close calls myself, not using a condom is great but fuck man stressin about shit for the next week just aint worth it, i aint a slave to the pleasure, i aint even worried about stds that much but shit if i cant see myself having a kid with that person then normally its either condom or stick to other forms of pleasure which are just as good, usually..
  18. Get your dick sucked at least
  19. Can't you get the herps from oral though?

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