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  1. Ive been growing my plant for the past 3 months, let it flower for 8 weeks and am gonna harvest tomorow. Let me know if I'm missing anything. Pot was flushed 1 week ago, right now the plants are chillin in the dark room for 48 hrs before being cut down. gonna snip off the buds hang them and let them air dry then mason jar them up
  2. um yeah flush is 2 weeks lolol

    air dry is ~1 week
  3. just so you are aware, letting your plant sit in the dark before harvest is fine, but only
    increases thc percentage a tiny bit. Every bit counts though. u got pics?
  4. not sure if this is the correct way to post a question but here goes, i've never used these forums till recently.
    i've just heard a couple of stories and i'm wondering if you guys can confirm or blow them out the water,so to speak.
    i've been told b4 putting your vegging plants into flowering that give them 24hrs darkness b4 starting them on 12-12.
    I also heard to leave your plants in darkness 48hrs b4 you harvest them that this makes the buds swell.
    if that is true, do you let your plants go dry and use up wat moisture is there or give them plenty water in order for them to take it on board to help in the swelling of the buds.
    i mean the 3-4 days b4 harvest.

    much appreciated

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  5. Tam - create a new thread...your questions dont really have much to do with this topic.
  6. Hey Yero - congrats! Got any pics?

    One thing I'd recommend - LEAVE THE BUDS ON THE PLANT! Just trim off the leaves and hang the entire stems to dry. Reason for this is it slows down the drying of the buds by allowing them to continue to pull moisture from the stem. The slower it dries the smoother/tastier it will be.

    Should take maybe 7-14 days to dry...then place directly in jars, burp them for 15mins daily and you're set... in 3-4 weeks you'll have some seriously tasty smoke!
  7. too late lol its already in the jar curing. i cut off the buds, hung them up to dry and threw them in the jar after like 3 days of drying. the minty fresh plant smell is slowly fading, and im giving it a taste test tonite. Unfortunetly I only ended up with a quarter oz. (plant was a hermie wasnt getting right light etc.) but I got another plant getting chopped this weekend. and ill try that method of slow drying klutter
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    if you wanna speed the process up a lil bit but dont want to sacrifice the the quality just hang them up for 3 days till the small buds are crispy then cut all the buds off the stems lay them out on screens and flip them every so often...let them sit on there for a few days till the out side is crispy then put it all in jars but filled half way leave it shut for 24 hours..open them up take them back out on the screen let them sit for 12 put them back into jars seal them up for 12 or 24 hours and repeat...the out sides should dry then remoisten this is good because the buds are sweating out the moisture...after they have gotten most of the moisture out close for 12 open for 12 do that for a few days then shorten the burp time to like 15 min a day till they are still slightly squishy then completely seal them for permanent cure....the screens will speed the drying process..you really want them in the jars but not wet enough to where they will mold...you want moisture still in the bud for the permanent cure but not enough to cause molding.

    dont use fans
    dont use light
    keep them in a cool dark place with low humidity and you will have a tasty smoke.

    when ur ready for the permanent cure.. pack the jars to the top. over the entire process you will slowly be condensing down to few jars.

    for example day 8 - 7 jars - day 12 - 6 jars - day 15 - 5 jars...

    i use 1 quart wide mouth jars and in the final cure i usually end up with 2 ounces in each 1 quart jar.
  9. i just taste tested it. it got me ripped but holy fuck the smoke was harsh. nooooooooooo!!! so its my only stash im not buying more, im just gonna vape it from now on. its only been 4 days since harvest so im assuming thats why. over time the taste will develop.
  10. theres a few reasons its harsh.
    1. you said you dried it for 3 days? thats some fast drying, the faster you dry your bud the harsher it gets.
    2. let it cure for at least 2 weeks. anything before that usually is a little harsher and generally not as tasty.
  11. flush doesn't have to be 2 weeks.. it all depends on how much they were fed towards the end. Also whether or not organic or chemical nutes were used.
  12. its been almost two weeks and the harshness has improved. ere are some pics

    one of my plants

    my buddies

  13. nice tricromes you have there =]

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