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about to go the headshop in an hour or so

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buckeyes, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Hey gc,

    I got about $40 to spend on a new smoking "apparatus". Should I go for a spoon or a one-hitter? It's my first time buying one, so I don't know really how much things cost.

  2. One hitters are real cheap dude, but if I were your I would aim for a bubbler or a nice spoon.
  3. Bubblers can be bought with $40? My friend has one but I always thought it cost at least $60.

    I know one-hitters are good for conserving herb, but I have a feeling I'll probably get tired of using and packing it.
  4. Depends on the headshop. My local shop sells some nice ass spoons for 20 bux. Bubblers are around 45. All depends on the place though
  5. irie man, guess I'll have to go there and find out. thanks for the help. :wave: +rep
  6. 40 bucks will get you a fine looking spoon. Nothing crazy but a nice sized bowl and somewhat stylish. Let us know what you end up getting
  7. Maybe go for a chillum? Those are real nice.
  8. I got myself I nice bubbled at a gas station once for about 30. I'd say get one if those
  9. if you can find a nice ghandi mart with some glass, its usually 15 bucks cheaper than a headshop.
  10. Get yourself a nice spoon. Love those things. Easy to use, stash, and carry.
  11. I bought my bong off the internet and it's a nice plastic one with metal bowl all totaling less than $15. I've also bought $50 bubler (glass) and have two pretty spoons. All in all, it's good to have a variety but my bong gets used many times more than the other pieces.
  12. a spoon will be 15-20 you will get ripped off at a headshop most of the time, maybe look at a convience store that has pipes and bubblers I got a pretty bubbler for $18 after taxes and it works like a charm.

    I would get a medium sized spoon that can hold .2-.3 with space left over, if the bubblers are pricey go for a smaller bong, they are usually better priced.
  13. If you can get a bubbler for $40 go for that, if not a bowl will do fine. 1-hitters are a pain in the ass and is actually the reason i bought a bowl.
  14. I got a nice little bong for only $22 at my local shop. It was my first piece and I love it. I use that or I just roll a joint or blunt.

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